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Wow! Thanks for this invaluable information.

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    Dear Andrew: My deepest thanks for your interest, and your help; your links and contact ideas are a great push! I visited the sites and sent an email to
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2008
      Dear Andrew:

      My deepest thanks for your interest, and your help; your links and contact ideas are a great push!
      I visited the sites and sent an email to Analycia Perez. Tomorrow I will try to contact the local chapter of Rotary International, I do not know anybody there so it may take a few days. I will keep you posted.
      I am so excited that my hands tremble!! Can you imagine? The kids will have a chance to learn English and Computer skills at no cost!! With better machines!! This is so much more than whatever I could have dreamed of! This is a wonderful opportunity to improve their chances to get a better education and better jobs in the future. Please, give my regards to all the people who have invested their time, effort and knowledge in this kind of projects.

      Please let me know what kind of documentation I have to get from the Cyber Cafes to get the donation in motion. Is there any commitment that the owners would have to make? The Cyber Cafes around here charge 10 pesos per hour to pay for the internet connection. Will my students get to use the computer free of charge? I understood that from Aprende Libre’s Terms of use but I want to be sure, am I right?
      The owner of one Cyber, the only one with original software programs, will surely join the project. I will visit the rest. I do not foresee any problems, who in his right mind would miss the opportunity to get better computers?
      I was born in San Luis Potosi but I live in Toluca, I may have to travel there next month and will contact Cyber Cafes there to extend the invitation.

      I am afraid I may be getting into something too big to handle, my knowledge on e-teaching is basic; the project would be my first e-course. I need to set the wiki and blogg’s lesson layout.
      Could you give me a hand on that too?
      It is important for me that you are well aware of my knowledge on e-tools. I would like you to visit my blogg when you have time to see where I am standing. It is very simple, even boring; please check the second of February’s first post, my initial ideas for the project are there. http://mmvcentro.blogspot.com Mercedes Rossetti would like me to learn Flash to allow me to work with her, do you know of any Flash tutorial?

      Thanks again Andrew, I owe you. Kisses to Gabriela and Venny Sue.
      Love: Maru

      Andrew Pincon <pincon@...> wrote: Hola Meru:

      First, there are free basic computer and math courses online in Spanish which we use for our classes with bi-lingual English/Spanish students and their families at this link:

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