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Sv: [evonline2002_webheads] Oct 07 TappedIn

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  • s.nyrop@get2net.dk
    Dear Aiden, Today I met Fiona and Cynthia in a Yahoo chat; they expressed a fear that they had been rude, or not polite enough in Tapped In. That is
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2002
      Dear Aiden,

      Today I met Fiona and Cynthia in a Yahoo chat; they
      expressed a fear that they had been rude, or not polite
      enough in Tapped In. That is absoluteny not my impression.
      On the contrary: It is an amazing experience to meet your
      students. I feel they have a natural curiosity making their
      einterview a good experience last Sunday; I apolofize that I
      was distracted from our session after about more than one
      hour because I met with Keiko in messenger. But BJ was
      also active, and Vance had joined the class, too. It was fun
      because we also had another new Tapped In member, Nancy
      from somewhere in the US, she was a language teacher,
      doing a study class and participating as an assignment.

      This coming Sunday, I am not at home and will not login at
      our usual Tapped In hour. I'll have to do with the transcript
      from the session if I need to keep up with their progress.

      Hugs, Sus

      I enjoyed your sweet homepage with my webcam, created in
      between BBQ and family visitors. My friend Gitte recently
      discovered email - but usually think that my stories about
      Webheads are a little far out; but she saw this very personal
      meeting and was so impressed and wanted to hear more
      about all of you.

      Aiden said:

      Some of my students will be in TappedIn this Sunday,
      October 07, to talk to the webheads about traveling and the
      best place to visit (e.g. Sus, what would be the best tourist
      spot in Denmark? What's there to see? What's so special
      about it?). Perhaps, they could think of more questions. This
      will be the third in a row for them to be in TI.

      Vance's online presentation is on the 13th, that's next
      Sunday. I will ask my students to rest on this day and
      continue with our online activities the week after that.

      Thanks for those who were there in TI last Sunday, there's
      still another one to go. I hope you won't give up on my


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