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Virtual Quest competition in Second Life, deadline May 18

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  • susannenyrop
    On behalf of Chris Eggplant, I m posting this invitation (read below) targeting educators all over the world, with ideas for a virtual Quest that would fit
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2007
      On behalf of Chris Eggplant, I'm posting this invitation (read below)
      targeting educators all over the world, with ideas for a virtual Quest
      that would fit into Second Life:

      (for people belonging to more groups, sorry for cross posting. For
      people suffering from stress provoking workaholism, please ignore!)

      VirtualQuest competition, April-May 2007

      About the competition

      Education UK is a group of UK educationalists who have developed an
      island in Second Life (http://secondlife.com/), to explore the use of
      virtual worlds for learning and teaching. To launch the concept of
      Virtual Quests within Second Life and begin the process of collecting
      quests developed to communicate the idea of Virtual Quests among the
      educational community, Education UK invites entries for the Virtual
      Quest Competition.

      We are awarding prizes of $5,000 Linden dollars to the three most
      innovative and best constructed Virtual Quests, in any curricular
      area, for formal or informal learning delivery.

      What is a Virtual Quest?

      In the mid 1990s, Bernie Dodge and colleagues at the San Diego State
      University developed the concept of a WebQuest – a structured learning
      activity where most or all of the information was gained by the
      learner from the Internet.

      Education UK has applied the same pedagogical model to create the
      concept of the Virtual Quest, a focussed activity where most or all of
      the information gathered by learners is gained within the Second Life

      Further information on developing a Virtual Quest and sample Virtual
      Quests can be found in the Virtual Quest area of Education UK island
      in Second Life – Education UK 229, 38, 21.

      Who can enter?

      The competition is international and open to all educators from any
      sector within SL.

      How will the competition be judged?

      The winners will be chosen by a team of international educationalists.
      Applications will be judged according to the following criteria:

      * Innovation and creativity
      * Appropriate use of Second Life as a learning environment
      * Pedagogy
      * Evaluation approach
      * Quality of support materials
      * Presentation

      How do I apply?

      Please send the following in electronic format to
      chris@... no later than Friday 18th May 2007(17.00 GMT)

      * Completed application form
      * Your Virtual Quest in Word format. If using multimedia, please
      be very careful to ensure your file sizes are not too large [image
      size [jpg], video [.mov] audio [mp3/4] etc.
      * Any supporting material in electronic format.

      Each Virtual Quest entry must be complete in terms of the six stages
      [introduction, task, process, resources, evaluation and conclusion].
      In addition, the seventh stage – `support pages', should also be
      included to provide any additional guidance for tutors and support
      materials for learners

      What happens if my entry wins?

      * Winning entries will be announced at the `Second Life
      International Education Conference' on the 25th May.
      * Winners will also be notified by email or in-world IM.
      * Winning entries will be displayed in the Virtual Quest area of
      Education UK.
      * Winners will also be invited to give a "virtual interview" which
      will appear on the Education UK website at: www.sleducationuk.net

      Competition Terms & Conditions

      1. The competition is open to international entries from any
      educator within Second Life. All entries should be in English as the
      international language [although we recognise that to deploy locally,
      may necessitate translation into mother tongue]
      2. It is a condition of entry that all entrants consent to
      their Virtual Quest being published in the Virtual Quest area of
      Education UK island. Copyright of the Virtual Quest remains with the
      3. Winners will receive a $5,000 Linden dollar prize award.
      This will be paid directly to them. Any equivalent award in US dollars
      can be paid via Paypal if required.
      4. All entries must be received in electronic format by the
      closing date of Friday 18th May 2007(17.00 GMT). Responsibility cannot
      be accepted by Education UK for undelivered entries.
      5. Education UK's decision is final and no correspondence
      will be entered into by Education UK in relation to that decision.
      6. By entering the competition all participants will be
      deemed to have accepted and be bound by the rules and requirements set
      out in the competition material.
      7. The competition promoter is Education UK. Enquiries
      relating to the competition should be sent to: chris@...
      with the subject heading `Virtual Quest Competition'.
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