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Graded Reader Giveaway, news from Tom Robb.

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  • Rita Zeinstejer
    Hi, all, I ve received an email from Tom Robb, asking me to publish this info, which he introduces like this: The information below isn t about writing but
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2007
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      Hi, all,

      I've received an email from Tom Robb, asking me to publish this info,
      which he introduces like this:

      "The information below isn't about writing but rather about reading,
      but there may be some of you who would like to take advantage of this
      giveaway to obtain a few free top-quality graded readers for your

      So far, most of the applicants are teaching in Japan, but we would
      like to see students and teachers of different nationalities read and
      evaluate the books, so if you are interested please apply!

      Applications Being Accepted for the Graded Reader Giveaway

      Every year, the Extensive Reading Foundation recognizes the best new
      graded readers in English. The finalists for the 2007 Language
      Literature Award were announced last Saturday at the IATEFL Conference
      in Aberdeen, Scotland (see list at the end of this message).

      The ERF solicits teachers with students who can help evaluate the
      finalist books. This year the Award will be given in four categories:
      Young Learners, and three categories for Adolescents & Adults:
      Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced.

      In cooperation with the publishers, the ERF will arrange for two
      copies of each finalist book in one category to be sent to ten
      teachers per category who meet the following criteria:

      1) The teacher or school has an extensive reading class or program in
      place to which the supplied titles can be added.
      2) Students can read, evaluate and vote for the books by the July 20

      Students who read all the books in the category may directly cast
      their vote at the URL at the end of this message. Alternately, groups
      in the class, or the class as a whole may discuss the merits of the
      books and cast a group vote.

      To apply, send your request to trobb@...-su.ac.jp stating the
      category for which you apply, with a brief description of your class,
      the number of students and their general reading level. Include your
      postal mailing address and contact telephone number. In the event of
      more than 10 teachers applying in one category, we will select for
      balance of country and geographical area. Preliminary decisions will
      be based on requests received by May 5, 2007 but requests after that
      date will still be honored for any categories that have fewer than 10

      We apologize that the timing of this announcement may preclude the
      participation of classes in parts of the world where the school year
      is about to close.

      The finalist books in each category are:

      Young Learners (3 books):

      "The Boy Who Burped Too Much" (Stone Arch Books); "The Goose Girl"
      Classic Tales Elementary 2 (Oxford University Press); "The Twelve
      Dancing Princesses" Classic Tales Elementary 2 (OUP).

      Adolescents and Adults

      * Beginners (3 books): "Blog Love" Scholastic Readers Starter Level
      (Mary Glasgow/Scholastic); "Let Me Out" Cambridge English Readers
      Starter Level (Cambridge University Press); "The Story of Chocolate"
      Easyread Level One (Black Cat).

      * Intermediate (4 books): "Crossroads to Love" Teen Readers Level 3
      (Aschehoug/Alinea); "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" Penguin
      Readers Level 3 (Pearson); "Rabbit-Proof Fence" Oxford Bookworms
      Library Stage 3 (OUP); "Strong Medicine" Cambridge English Readers
      Level 3 (CUP).

      * Advanced (2 books): "The Age of Innocence" Bookworms Library Stage 5
      (OUP); "Barchester Towers" Oxford Bookworms Library Stage 6 (OUP).

      See http://www.erfoundation.org/ for further information about the LLL
      Award and how you may order your personal copies of the finalist

      **Go for GLoCALL -- November 2-7, 2007 **
      **Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam**

      ** Thomas Robb, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan **
      ** < trobb@...-su.ac.jp> **
      ** http://www.kyoto-su.ac.jp/~trobb/index.html **
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