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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] unforgettable sleepless Seattle

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  • Carla arena
    Oh, and I couldn t have forgotten sweet Nina who was always keeping track of me when I was not where I was supposed to be! Nina, you re great! Beijos, Carla
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 26, 2007
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      Oh, and I couldn't have forgotten sweet Nina who was always keeping track of
      me when I was not where I was supposed to be! Nina, you're great!


      On 3/26/07, Carla arena <carlaarena@...> wrote:
      > Dear Teresa,
      > I guess you summarized it all, although it's not possible to really
      > translate into words those special moments together. Even those who were not
      > physically there were with us in the conversations, hugs and kisses. The
      > last night together nobody wanted to leave. Erika and I got to the hotel at
      > 2 in the morning. Nobody wanted to miss a thing. The get-together was just
      > the confirmation of a real community of practice, and Chris Johnson can
      > certainly tell you all about practice, huh, Chris?!
      > Everyone felt so much at ease. We found out very special talents in
      > different areas, more than we could ever dream of...Hurricane Jane Petring
      > can do some stretching crazy stuff with a broom stick, can play the
      > drums...Amazing! Rita, Dafne, Teresa, the latin souls were just like they
      > were supposed to be with their passionate ways of talking, hugging, kissing!
      > Vance is such a special Webhead. Vance, I loved having coffee with you and
      > thanks a million for starting all that. TESOL is just a different conference
      > to attend as we know we'll get the chance to meet great people who share so
      > much in common.
      > Chris Johnson is sooo nice and smiley. I could keep talking about
      > Brazilian music for hours with him! You'd see Moira at a distance with her
      > fashionable glasses on! I think I should get new ones...John Hibbs is one of
      > a kind. He's inquisitive, perceptive. I could spend many nights at a Chinese
      > restaurant talking to him, too! Paula, Patricia, Veronica, all smiley and
      > happy, fun girls to be with! I also loved to be again with Christine, and
      > meeting Elizabeth and Aiden f2f was certainly thrilling! With Bee and Teresa
      > we'd start speaking Portuguese, then switch to English, then back to
      > Portuguese when we got toooo emotional and excited! Wait to listen to Tere's
      > podcast produce at Cutter's. Ibrahim is so young and had those sparkling
      > eyes of excitement! I loved to meet again Susan Gaer.
      > Dennis, the tulips were a very special present and presence!
      > For you who were not there, start planning for the next! The Webheads are
      > fantastic to be online, but this community is a blast when we are together,
      > face-to-face! And you know what? I attended presentations there, but just to
      > confirm that you are the ones who are sharing, caring and innovating in the
      > classrooms!
      > I'm still sitting in the airport on my way home, and I can still feel the
      > vivid, real, fun moments we shared together! Life will never be the same,
      > the connections neither. They will be even stronger, ties that go beyond the
      > explainable!
      > Thanks you all for making this experience one that will be always a live
      > remembrance of human touch, one that will remind me of the right choices I
      > made!
      > I'll upload the photos soon to our blog.
      > Beijos,
      > Carla
      > On 3/26/07, Teresa Almeida d'Eca <tmvaz@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > Dearest Seattle and not-in-Seattle Webheads,
      > >
      > > I arrived home safely yesterday evening after two great flights. The
      > > adrenaline was and is still in me, and will be for many days to come, so I
      > > only dozed off for about two hours on the 9-hour flight to London. However,
      > > I slept about 11 hours last night and recovered quite well.
      > >
      > > The Seatlle experience is very hard to describe, so for now I will just
      > > say that a very strong "human touch" was present in every Webheads
      > > get-together and there was one every evening till late from Tuesday to
      > > Friday. The warmth among us all was felt by each one of us. The pictures
      > > will give you a great "picture", because it's very hard to describe what was
      > > experienced so intensely by us all: Anna Korey, Bee, Carla Arena, Chris
      > > Johnson, Daf, Dave Winet, Erika Cruvinel, Jane Petring, John Hibbs, Leanne,
      > > Moira, Nina Liakos, Paula Emmert, Rita and Vance, an inseparable community.
      > > I'll try to upload pictures tomorrow.
      > >
      > > We also met Aiden, Christine Bauer-Ramazani, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith,
      > > Patricia Goglowski, Tom Robb, Veronica Baig and a few others.
      > >
      > > I will never ever forget this very very "special" get-together that by
      > > far exceeded all my wildest dreams! As I was telling Joao on the way from
      > > the airport yesterday, I've never hugged so tight and given so many kisses
      > > to so many people in 5 days. It felt so gooood. I even had my back scratched
      > > on several occasions on Friday evening at the Elephant & Castle Pub - what
      > > great fun and F.U.N we had!!! - as a gesture of "endearment" (since it's
      > > not "term" of endearment) by Paula Emmert. I loved it! :-)
      > >
      > > BTW, we missed all those of you who couldn't make it!
      > >
      > > More will follow in the next few days. I need a good night's sleep now
      > > (after so many almost sleepless nights in Seattle), because I have an early
      > > meeting at school tomorroe.
      > >
      > > Warm and tight hugs and lots of beijinhos to all, Teresa
      > >
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