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  • Michael Marzio
    Hi All, I m not sorry for cross-posting, because I m only posting here. I feel at home here, even if I haven t had time to keep up with the activities. About 4
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2007
      Hi All,

      I'm not sorry for cross-posting, because I'm only posting here. I
      feel at home here, even if I haven't had time to keep up with the

      About 4 years ago, Vance complimented me on the "smorgasbord" that
      RE videos and lessons represnted. My American friends were so
      impressed, they transformed RE into a sophisticated subscription
      site with my so-so approval, and the result is and has been an utter

      So I have finally returned to the old format - completely free of
      course, but more importantly free-access like all webhead sites
      should be, with my own amateurish html as opposed to the
      sophisticated asp subscription programming.

      In other words, all the RE videos are online for anyone who wants to
      use or appropriate them for their own uses. There are now over a
      hundred videos in 72 lessons, as opposed to the original smorgasbord
      which only had 43 videos.

      The site in question is a subsite of realenglish com:


      ( with extras at
      http://www.real-english.com/esl_efl.asp and an experiment:
      http://www.real-english.com/realenglishrock.asp )

      I hope this message doesn't offend anyone, but more importantly, I
      hope you find it useful.

      Michael Marzio

      PS: I have to keep the subscription site alive at the root
      ( http://www.real-english.com/ )
      because a few students have actually paid for subscription which
      includes online teaching which I do myself for an hour or 2 every
      day, and which is not included in the new sub site.


      Mike Marzio
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