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Re: Do you have widgets on your blogs?

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  • waoe@mail.goo.ne.jp
    Claudia, My compliments to you and your colleagues on the high level content though it is called a beginners session. I ll try to send you a voice message,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007

      My compliments to you and your colleagues on the high level content
      though it is called a beginners' session. I'll try to send you a
      voice message, but I'll have to go borrow a better mic.

      I think that RSS, which your session is introducing, is for the
      native digital overload generation who are also looking to expand
      their social networks online. What is i+1 or comprehensible input
      corresponding to the needs and interests of each individual will differ.
      I haven't found much time for it, though I use a Japanese version
      RSS reader or aggregator to follow blog entries of my college students
      and colleagues. Otherwise perhaps I can find info I need more directly,
      and I would disappoint people who expected much one-on-one correspondence.

      Similarly with widgets, I've installed Google bars and so forth but found
      that they either duplicated what I'd already been following or gave me
      unnecessary info, such as American mainstream mass media uncritical
      reportage. Instead, as my browser home page I use a list of outside links:
      Some interesting widgets, however, came with my podcasting host that
      I've paid a couple years for, with my selections down the right column at:
      What was most interesting to the students was the Google Maps API
      whereby a Google Map was embedded in my blog entry, and people can
      start from where I am near Osaka Castle and travel anywhere in the world.
      Odeo's "send me a message" function can also, as you know, be pedagogically
      useful. A WAOE (see below) colleague was looking for something like that
      to volunteer lessons to students in Africa.
      Replies are welcome to:

      Collegially, Steve McCarty
      Professor, Osaka Jogakuin College, Japan
      President, World Association for Online Education (1998-2007)
      Online library: http://www.waoe.org/steve/epublist.html
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