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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Sorry about the session today, it's why we test

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eca
    Vance, I will be giving a paper at an international conference at the University of Evora (Portugal) in November. I ve submitted my abstract and will be
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 6, 2002

      I will be giving a paper at an international conference at the
      University of Evora (Portugal) in November. I've submitted my abstract
      and will be talking about chat in the EFL classroom - my chat
      experience with Webheads and the applications of chat in the EFL
      classroom, among other things. The title I sumitted is "'To chat' or
      'not to chat' in the EFL classroom, that is the question!"

      As you can see, both this message of yours and the previous one,
      'update on testing Thursday' (5Sep02), have very relevant content for
      one of the parts of my paper.

      Request: May I quote from them?

      TIA, Teresa

      > Hi everyone,
      > Sorry I had to write 'in haste' (in a hurry) early today, but I was
      called away on some consulting work about an hour's drive from Abu
      Dhabi and didn't return to my workplace until after 10 a.m. GMT. The
      college where I'm giving the presentation on Sunday Sept 8 is near my
      work, but when I called to see if I could work with the network people
      there, they told me to come at 11:30 GMT. Before I left for there, I
      sent an email message to webheads at around 11 a.m. GMT saying the
      test would be delayed around an hour.
      > The problem with giving presentations from educational institutions
      is that most have firewalls of some kind, and in the UAE these are
      usually configured to block chatting. There is an impression here
      that chatting is bad, and that students waste time doing it, and will
      do nothing but that if allowed unhindered access to the Internet. I'm
      hoping that by giving presentations such as the one Sunday (at a
      college where chatting is blocked) to help dispell that notion and to
      create more positive impressions for use of chat with students.
      > I was trying to test chat using the computer lab at HCT (Higher
      Colleges of Technology in the UAE) and there were students present
      when I was there, so they didn't want to take the lab off the
      firewall. They had IP addresses they could give me, but whatever they
      gave me did not allow me to connect to either Tapped In or Yahoo
      Messenger. Of course they thought it was the site or my computer, but
      finally at around 13:00 GMT they let me try it from a lab technician's
      computer and I was able to show them that the site worked and, not
      only that, but there were people there, Dafne, Teresa, Aiden, and BJB,
      waiting for them to get their act together so we could get my laptop
      past the firewall and into the chat rooms.
      > To make a long story short, I spent two hours letting them
      experiment but at 13:30 I had to leave. I asked them to please get at
      least one of the lab computers to where it would reach Yahoo
      Messenger, and I would return and work with them then. They agreed to
      shoot for getting that done by around 7 a.m. GMT Thursday, which is
      when I'm supposed to return to let them configure my computer. So at
      that time or more likely 8 or 9 a.m. GMT Thursday, I might be able to
      get online and if anyone is able to join me then, we can test our web
      cam and voice chat capabilities.
      > I'm impressed as usual with the response of Webheads to help with
      these sessions. To 'Confused in Australia' apologies for the mixup
      but the real session is Sunday the 8th, noon GMT. These are just
      tests. To Susanne, I don't think your time was wasted, and it's nice
      to have deadlines to get you moving on stuff you've been planning to
      do for a long time. And we all really appreciate your support from
      the Mac side. Good luck! Felix, all I can say is, if it's working,
      > Hope to see all of you online Sunday noon GMT. I'm told we might
      have 30 to 50 people at the presentation, all eager to meet you. If
      you're available tomorrow Thursday around 8 or 9 GMT, and if the
      conference technicians can configure my laptop like the one that I was
      able to use to connect with Tapped In today, then I'll look for you
      then, web cam and microphone ready.
      > I'll look for you tomorrow. Till then,
      > Vance
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