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    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2002
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      > Dato: 2002/09/01 Sun AM 11:33:13 CEST
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      > Emne: [tfw] NW2002 report from Sus
      > Hi,
      > Our participation in Vance's conference in Abu Dhabi next
      > Sunday sounds very interesting, with computer lab or with
      > presentation with Vance's laptop as intermediate tool. I
      > certainly hope that I will find the right webcam and test it
      > properly on beforehand. I am so sorry to stay away for
      > session today, but ny sweet niece Josefine is celebrating
      > sixth birthday and we start at exactly noon GMT (Sunday
      > Webhead Time = SWT :-)
      > During the Virtual Australian Networking 2002 all online
      > conference, I was very active and engaged, as I
      > a wealth of inspiring activities emerging among the active
      > part of the about 2700 participants (many were readers
      > and some decided to 'delurk* and write about their
      > experienses, ask questions or join the incredible
      > collaboratives - in the asynchronous discussion threads,
      > often connected to a workshop, a virtual fieldtrip or a chat
      > session.
      > Our Cross Cultural Communications seminar where
      > Coghlan had expected a chaotic amount of cats to herd for
      > the chat, but finally turned out to be a Webheads
      > event with some very interested guests. One reason might
      > be that other interesting chat sessions were scheduled at
      > same time, but in several of the 14 chat sessions I was
      > of, I saw a low rate of participation, and I often
      > an overall skepticism towards the true value of chats
      > As the chat facility in the WebCrossing environment is not
      > too stable, it happens often that you lose sight of your chat
      > window and I lost my connection - then it is good to read
      > recorded chatlog, I think we got into some important
      > of the cross cultural aspects of our communication. The
      > async CCC discussion with some of the other conference
      > participants involved difficult but important questions of
      > tolerance.
      > What really gave me, personally, a kick forwards, was the
      > Weblog workshop. A weblog, also called a B-log, or just
      > is a very easy and instant way to document your own
      > material on the web, for yourself, for a closed group of
      > readers, or in public. Many personal weblogs are mostly
      > commented links to special topics or news. In my blog, I
      > able to save the messages I posted in the discussion
      > and add links back the the relevant discusssion, very
      > comfortable as the overall navigation interface in the
      > NW2002 was not too easy - new discussions were
      > some were for one or a few days only, and the first week I
      > had not much idea of who was interested in what, or why.
      > Now, until the 30th september, the conference area is
      > to participants, only, but after that time, it will be public
      > a great example on the layered complexity of an all online
      > conference with so many different actors and interest
      > groups,all the eay from local community hubs and one
      > person field trips, over outback schools and vocational
      > traning centers, to software and content developers, the
      > Australian minitry of educatation, and, maybe the most
      > dymanic ones: the educators educating the educators!
      > Well, I have to wrap up the birthday presents, a toolbox
      > paint, brushes, paper and a flexible model doll in wood,
      > classic style, for the little painter, Josefine, six, who just
      > started school. So my internet time is out for now. Say
      > hello to Bronwyn and other possible visitors from the city
      > Net2; we have been good webhead ambassadors!
      > So I'll click on my editor button to the Xanga Blogtool,
      > and paste this mail, and ask you to go there if you wish to
      > know more about the NW2002
      > http://www.xanga.com/susnyrop
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