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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Fwd: Some info and reflections about GEN

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  • Vance Stevens
    Sus and all, I particularly liked this write-up, and I ve added it to our Cybertours page, where Webheads in Action keep logs of online events of note
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2002
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      Sus and all,

      I particularly liked this write-up, and I've added it to our Cybertours page, where Webheads in Action keep logs of online events of note


      I'd like to add there a record of the recent conference you organized Michael. If you could send me relevant urls this would be a great assist. I'd particularly like to be pointed to the logs of the discussions we participated in.

      I'm pleased to get the feedback on the utility of the chat logs (e.g. to know that someone reads them at all is a great incentive to continue with them). However, these logs are a serious drain on time. One thing that would help is if we could have more postings reflecting on these logs, as I could use such reflections in summaries of the logs, and get some record of the log up on our website even if I were unable to get the transcripted log up right away.

      Also, Sept 8, Sunday, the regular noon GMT chat will be joined in by participants at an e-learning conference. Last Sunday Chris and Rita had their web cams up. I had just returned from leave and discovered I didn't have mine on me. I'll rectify that and this coming Sunday Sep 8 I'll have it going and I'll encourage others to practice with voice and video in preparation for the following week's session. More on that later.

      Susanne Nyrop wrote:

      > Hi all happy holiday Webheads!
      > Teresa mailed me some days ago to tell me about what a good Sunday chat I
      > had missed. So I felt happy when Vance announced that the relevant log
      > was up on our homepage. By the way, I appreciate the quick way they
      > sessions have been resumed, with a list of active participants.
      > Once more, I feel the pleasure of reading a chatlog from a session where
      > I was myself behindered to participate, like this last Sunday. Again, I
      > appreciate the remarkable mix of informal and fun social interplay and the
      > more "serious" professional references to our ongoing work with peer
      > support and knowledge building - the more i study this phenomenon, the
      > better I understand how it has deep roots in our previous timetaking
      > making online friendship and collegiality. This logged transcript is a
      > great tool for thinking; as I read, I make some innner remarks , some of
      > these I would certainly have shared with you, in case I had been there
      > with you?
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