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  • Vance Stevens
    At the weekly Tapped In get together I explained to Nina more about this concept. She was curious so I walked her through the steps, which she was able to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2006
      At the weekly Tapped In get together I explained to Nina more about this
      concept. She was curious so I walked her through the steps, which she was
      able to follow in a thrice. I'll reiterate them here while they are fresh
      in my mind.

      Start an account at http://www.bloglines.com

      Visit a site you would like to track, such as the postings on this list

      Note that the messages link will be clickable whether you sign in or not.
      Follow it to

      Scroll down the page to find the red RSS button. Right click on it and copy
      shortcut or copy link location. If you click on the link by accident you'll
      turn up a bit of code but you could still copy the URL from your browser,
      which is

      Return to your bloglines, your account, and click on the FEEDS tab
      In Feeds, click on ADD
      In the field, paste the /rss address. You could also past a blog URL here
      and bloglines will find its feed.

      If bloglines turns up a legal feed it will ask you where you want to place
      that feed. It offers Top Level but here you can choose a folder (in your
      hierarchy in the left frame) or create one. You can accept the other
      default displays, etc.

      Last step, scroll down and click SUBSCRIBE

      Now Bloglines will go out and retrieve posting at your subscribed feeds and
      display them in your hierarchy of folders. When there is something there
      you haven't read yet, it appears in bold. If you want to read something,
      you click on it, and you are taken to the ORIGINAL location, so you can not
      only read, but interact in sitio if you want.

      You can use this technique to clear out your email inbox. You can follow
      postings of numerous YGroups here rather than have them flood your inbox IF
      the moderators have set the mail to be accessible publicly.

      To clear up one misconception (that this would open your list to spam) your
      list can still be moderated for membership. This Webheads list has been set
      up this way for ages. We have no spam.

      I explained that you can do this with a writing class. Have you class write
      in blogs. You (and your students if you or they wish) can subscribe to all
      the blogs in your bloglines. When I do this I create a folder for them of
      course. Now I can see in bloglines when my students have posted to their
      blogs because the new posts are in bold. I don't have to go out and rummage
      through dozens of blogs on the offchance that someone has posted to one.

      try it you'll like it,


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      > Ding. Something here struck a chord. The notion that lists make
      > circulation of posts easier.
      > True, BUT ...
      > I don't know about you, but I'm inundated with posts. I can't read them
      > all. I have to cut myself off from some groups I might like to keep up
      > with
      > due to this problem with push emails.
      > I get the webheads posts voluntarily because I anticipate replying to them
      > and it's more convenient for me to do that when they are in my email.
      > But I have set mails on this list so that they can be followed through
      > PULL
      > technologies. The mails here are publicly available. This is a setting in
      > YGroups when you set up your list. It allows anyone to follow these mails
      > through bloglines or any feed reader. You don't HAVE to get them in your
      > inbox if you just want to stay aware of what is going on. Just find the
      > RSS
      > button on the homepage and subscribe.
      > http://rss.groups.yahoo.com/group/evonline2002_webheads/rss
      > So in setting up such a list, or forum, I would consider that the idea of
      > working through list format is becoming increasingly unweildy and also
      > avoidable. A wiki will generate an RSS feed. If you set up a YGroup,
      > make
      > sure it generates a feed as well.
      > I think a good way to start also might be to inventory help lists and
      > resources that currently exist.
      > Good luck,
      > Vance
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