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Re: Learning all online?

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  • vance_stevens
    I like the lake idea. However, there s something more cogent here: http://www.vancestevens.com/papers/tesolarabia2002/outcomes.htm It s the talk I gave a
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 20, 2002
      I like the lake idea. However, there's something more cogent here:


      It's the talk I gave a TESOL this last year and there's some evidence
      in there of student learning online.

      Best I can do from Jodhpur,

      See you next week with more resources to hand,


      --- In evonline2002_webheads@y..., Elizabeth Hanson-Smith
      <ehansonsmi@y...> wrote:
      > This request for help came to me, and I am
      > stumped--does anyone know of any all-online courses in
      > ESL (or EFL)?
      > I would categorically state that a lot of people do
      > learn many things online, but how about language?
      > Looking forward to your answers--
      > --Elizabeth
      > ehansonsmi@y...
      > virtual office: Room 2814 South
      > http://www.tappedin.org
      > >>During a conversation today, a colleague called all
      > online instruction
      > into
      > question as "the wrong way to teach", stating that
      > real second language
      > learning (i.e. ESL, FL) will not and cannot occur if
      > there is no
      > teacher
      > physically (visibly/audibly) present. Obviously
      > people do learn from
      > texts,
      > but she was instead arguing against us moving into any
      > kind of
      > hybrid/online
      > form of teaching. She precluded English 1A as
      > "different".
      > I realized that I had no empirical research to support
      > the value of
      > distance/online/CALL vs. the traditional classroom, at
      > least as far as
      > learning a second language. Can you point me in the
      > right
      > direction(s)?
      > Rather than tell her to jump in a lake (since we could
      > always outvote
      > her),
      > I'd like to present data (and student statements) as
      > to the
      > effectiveness of
      > the online setting to enlighten her. I'm scouring the
      > web, and we will
      > be
      > drawing on local online ESL teachers/students to
      > persuade her, but I
      > thought
      > you might know of some good resources.
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