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chat logs just posted, then I'm on holiday

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  • vance_stevens
    Hi everyone, At http://www.homestead.com/prosites- vstevens/files/efi/chat2002.htm#latest you ll find the chat logs from July 28. We ve had two messages about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2002
      Hi everyone,

      At http://www.homestead.com/prosites-
      vstevens/files/efi/chat2002.htm#latest you'll find the chat logs from
      July 28. We've had two messages about what a good chat it was, and
      now you can read it in case you missed it. Direct link:


      As I've mentioned, my family and I are traveling next week to India,
      two weeks trekking in Ladakh. My wife and oldest son have to be home
      after two weeks for their jobs, but my younger son and I can take
      more time, so we decided to prolong our trip for a week. This means
      we'll still be traveling during the Webheads noon GMT Sunday chat
      August 18 and during the Wednesday, August 21, GMT 12.30 pm running
      of Michael Coghlan's session, Cross Cultural Communication 0nline -
      perspectives from around the globe - presented by the Webheads
      Community, http://users.chariot.net.au/~michaelc/ccc/pres.htm

      But by then we should be down in the bigger cities of India and there
      is some chance we might find a cybercafe at the appointed times. No
      guarantees, but just letting you know I'll try to get online if
      possible but if not I'll just enjoy traveling with my son. I'll
      definitely be back for the Sunday Aug 28 chat, and Michael, I'll try
      to get on for your session if at all possible.

      Send explicit instructions regarding how when and where to meet to
      the Webheads lists. I'll be traveling from Wednesday and might not
      have a chance to read much email for the next couple of weeks, and at
      the moment I don't see how to join the conference and when to present
      (email me privately if I've let some crucial info slip by me).

      But I'll check in when I can,

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