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all our groups explained, sort of

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  • Vance Stevens
    Susanne, Sorry, I m just now getting around to answering this. Regarding WIA = Webheads in Action http://www.vancestevens.com/papers/evonline2002/webheads.htm
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2002
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      Sorry, I'm just now getting around to answering this. Regarding

      WIA = Webheads in Action

      TFW = Teaching for Webheads

      WFW = Writing for Webheads

      The WIA list is still open, as what we started is a dynamic community, and there is no reason to put a foot down on it. The TFW list is a precursor of the WIA list, that is WIA became what I intended to start with TFW. However, there has never been much traffic on the TFW list, whereas the time was right for WIA and it has been very active.

      WFW is the 'original' webheads, the student group. This group has ebbed and flowed over the past few years. At the moment, it is gaining activity since Dave Winet linked to us at http://www.study.com Dave had been sending us students previously and he has always been a catalyst in our 'flow' periods.

      I have no plans nor any idea how to merge these lists. It is perhaps good to keep the distinction between the student and practitioner groups, though many of you are a member of both, or indeed all three. Rif for example is a member of WIA and WFW, and has posted dispatches from his travels through Turkey, appropriately, to the student list. If you were not aware of his summer travels, you can read them online at:


      As for plans, we have been asked to help train the next batch of EVOnline tutors at the end of this year. Technically I have been asked, but as far as I'm concerned, I will certainly be drawing on the community to help in the effort. In order to increase the level of chaos navigation to one more quantum on the cat-herder scale, I have even started a new community, though I haven't done anything but start it, and this is its first announcement. I have become interested in Community Zero as a platform for what we do, and I invite any of you to visit our website there and join the community if you like / dare (can you handle four?!!)


      Thanks for everyone's support, and sorry for the delayed response to this message,


      Susanne Nyrop wrote:

      > By the way, is the WIA list still open for new members, as a post
      > TESOL conference activity, or what are the future plans? I know we do
      > have this problem with cross posting to our three (or more?) webheads
      > lists, and that it is not easy just to merge them. For me, it is no
      > trouble to delete the extra postings, as I am subscribing to the
      > three lists, the problem lies in the postings that have been sent to
      > one list only, and that may be of general interest to the other list
      > readers, as well. (the latest example is the travel letters from Arif
      > in Turkey).
      > Yours,
      > Susanne
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