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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] update: copy rights

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eça
    Hi, Arlyn! Congratulations! I m glad to know that all s well that ends well ! ... I ve always found that when reason is on our side, there s nothing like
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      Hi, Arlyn!

      Congratulations! I'm glad to know that 'all's well that ends well'!

      > As promised, I'm writing to let you know that things
      > ended very well with the author of the other site (and
      > swiftly too!). I didn't expect such a quick response,
      > but he has already altered his site and written a note
      > of apology. And of course (as is many times the case)
      > his intention was not to plagiarize but to make the
      > links easily accessible for his own use (-- we all
      > know how that is....).

      I've always found that when reason is on our side, there's nothing
      like being politely straight to the point.

      > NOTE TO SELF: ALWAYS include a contact e-mail :)

      A wise piece of advice!

      > Regarding Nigel's comment -- I've been thinking quite
      > seriously about copyright and the vague boundaries
      > (sometimes purposely so, to allow for more creative
      > freedom).

      I've also thought about this on several occasions, but have always
      stuck to what I initially adopted at the bottom of every page: date of
      the last update, date I created the page, and my name. The last update
      is an element that is/can be considered when citing online

      I don't know if it has worked, or has any legal effect (if things were
      to get to that point!). It was the result of plain intuition, I think.

      Curiously, yesterday I was navigating through some of Bernie Dodge's
      WebQuest pages and noticed that in one of them, regarding 'searching
      on line', he had 'Written by . . .' at the bottom. You can take a look

      Well, wouldn't it be much easier and nicer if everybody was honest and
      gave credit where it's due? I know. . . that's wishful thinking!!!

      Best, Teresa
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