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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Quotations from Webheads postings -any guidelines?

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  • Michael Coghlan
    Hi Renata. Firstly I m very happy to hear that you re attending an English language conference in Australia. I m a bit disappointed though that I won t be able
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 2, 2006
      Hi Renata.

      Firstly I'm very happy to hear that you're attending an English
      language conference in Australia. I'm a bit disappointed though that
      I won't be able to meet you there. I think this conference is in
      Perth and that's quite far from where I live.

      Re citing resources of Webheads: I am speak for myself here but I
      have a sneaking suspicion that most Webheads would feel the same. I
      always feel like it's a honour to have others quote me or my work,
      and I certainly don't need to be asked. I also trust that all
      Webheads would automatically cite references from their colleagues
      anyway, but if they didn't that wouldn't really bother me either, as
      I know that it can be time consuming to chase up these permissions.

      I take the attitude that whenever you write or something on the web
      it belongs in the public domain and becomes part of the collective
      wisdom we are all contributing to. If someone takes something I have
      read or written and uses it another context - fantastic! But I
      realise it's a little different when people are working on articles
      or similar that they intend to be officially published and they need
      to protect their IP before it's published.

      My 2c...

      - Michael

      At 06:15 PM 2/09/2006, you wrote:

      >Dear Webheads,
      >I am putting together a paper which I am going to present soon at the
      >English Australia conference. In that paper I was planning to use a
      >couple of quotations from the exchanges here (to illustrate certain
      >classroom practices) but now I am wondering if I need to ask
      >individuals for their permission? Or is simply citing this as an
      >electronic source sufficient?
      >I would certainly like to do it right by this community first.
      >The postings in question are to do with the use of podomatic and
      >digital storytelling software and I have removed individual's names
      >from them...
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