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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] What a blessing to belong!!!/Rita

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  • hala fawzi
    Dearest Rita, You are deadly right !!! It could take hours and rolls of papers t o write about belonging to this group. Have a super trip Rita. Don t
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 3, 2006
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      Dearest Rita,
      You are "deadly" right !!!
      It could take hours and rolls of papers t o write
      about "belonging" to this group.
      Have a super trip Rita.
      Don't forget to keep "belonging"!!
      --- Rita Zeinstejer <rita@...> wrote:

      > Hi, dear all!
      > I'm rushing around multitasking before my trip...,
      > but want to send my
      > most heartfelt congrats both to Hala, on her
      > well-deserved scholarship!
      > and to all Portuguese Webheads --Tere, Fernanda,
      > Cristina and all
      > others!--on their also well-deserved post they have
      > gained through
      > tough work!
      > I'll be leaving on Wednesday for Russia, on a tour,
      > and will be meeting
      > Ruth Vilmi in Helsinki and Susan Nyrop in Copenhagen
      > for a couple of
      > days. A real treat!!
      > I can honestly say that these encounters we have had
      > online have
      > triggered the most incredible relationships among
      > all of us, and I find
      > the experiences I've had so far, meeting Karen in
      > the States and Tere
      > in Lisbon, truly unforgettable.
      > The spirit of this group, for some miraculous
      > reason, permeates
      > newcomers (or do newcomers choose to stay because
      > they feel and share
      > the spirit....?), who take in and maintain it
      > vividly along the years...
      > A proof of this? Nina Liakos! She told me she joined
      > the Webheads this
      > year , but it's as if she had been with us for
      > years...
      > In fact, she has spent hours looking for information
      > on "what to do in
      > Washington in nine hours", the time I'll be in
      > transit on my way to the
      > east. A public thank you, Nina!
      > "Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold
      > the world together."
      > And may I add, that keeps this unique world of ours
      > going, as well.
      > What a blessing to belong!!!

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