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[evonline2002_webheads] Re: writing an article

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  • Susanne Nyrop
    Vance asked, whatever happened with the short article about our wonderful Webheads in Action experiences? Well, well, said Susanne blushing. This is what
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 13, 2002
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      Vance asked, whatever happened with the short article about our
      wonderful Webheads in Action experiences? Well, well, said Susanne
      blushing. This is what sometimes happen. Our intentions were the
      best. Teresa and I did talk a lot about this article and our learning
      experiences, when we met last month in her home area Parede and
      Cascais, not far from Lisbon, and we also talked about this with
      Dafne online. However, nothing came out of it in print, not yet. So
      many other things happened, among those were the terrible situation
      in Venezuela, and Vance's exciting quest for participants in the
      TESOL conference next year where Teresa and Dafne will prepare
      something, too. And I returned from my long stay in Cascais with lots
      of work waiting for me, as well as family trouble that I had to pay
      some attention. Finally , there has been some activity in Tapped IN
      for the upcoming carnival day on the 17th of July where we are
      presenting Webheads with our fun cooking lesson. As we say in
      Denmark, the way to Hell is paved with bad excuses. However, I hope
      to meet with the trio tonight in Tapped In, and then we'll talk it
      over again; I guess we already have the stuff here and there, only
      need to cut and paste it together into a meaningful summary of what
      happened in the pre-TESOL conference days this spring!

      Yours, very busy but still responsible


      >Hi all,
      >Just digging through old emails ... what ever happened with this one?
      >Susanne Nyrop wrote:
      > > Dear Daf, Tere & Vance,
      > >
      > > When I read the quest for a summeary articlke for the journal, I
      >did think the same thing as you, Dafne, and as a non-TESOL member
      >but more and more engaged in Online Community Building while
      >Learning a Language as a Webhead in Action, I would be honored to
      >help putting the words together. This WIA seminar, and especially
      >your strong engagement and friendship has been an eyeopener to me
      >about how people learn, myself included, and how knowledge can be
      >shared, more than distributed. As a matter of fact, I had the idea
      >of asking the three of you if we could write something together,
      >even before this demand from Sarah Rilling. Just let us jump into
      >it, after all, 500 words is not much, and we might get so engaged in
      >co-writing that a longer and more "philosophical" essay could be
      >reviewed for online publishing sooner or later.
      > >
      > > I will take a look at the TESOL journal to find the conditions.
      > >
      > > Hope to hear from you soon,
      > >
      > > hugs,
      > > Sus
      > >
      > > Dear Sus, Tere and Vance,
      > >
      > > This message was sent by Elizabeth Hanson-Smith to the Human
      >CALL group. I think that we could write something about the WIA
      >session. The material is there on our webpages, just have to put it
      >together. It is only a 500-word summary, and the TESOL Journal is
      >read by hundreds of teachers worldwide, and we want the world to
      >know about WIA, don't we? Waiting impatiently to hear your responses!
      > >
      > > Daf
      > >
      > > Elizabeth-
      > >
      > > I'm editing the Heard on the Web column of _TESOL Journal_,
      > > and I thought it would be terrific if one or two
      > > participants from the pre-convention online CALL course
      > > you're doing would summarize the activities, discussions,
      > > etc. for the Journal. I already have material for the
      > > summer/fall issue, so I'd be looking for short summaries to
      > > go into the winter edition. It would be a great way to give
      > > readers the heads up about these online opportunities. Have
      > > anyone interested check the _TJ_ for submission info, but
      > > basically it's a max 500 word summary.
      > >
      > > Thanks for passing the word.
      > >
      > > Sarah
      > >
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