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Re: Experiential Learning Vs.Traditional Schooling

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  • Anne Fox
    Hi Buth Thanks for your encouragement. We ve had a really good response so far and we haven t yet published the second episode. The hope is that there will be
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 6, 2006
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      Hi Buth
      Thanks for your encouragement. We've had a really good response so
      far and we haven't yet published the second episode. The hope is
      that there will be lots of interactivity. We want to be able to use
      the responses from the listeners as the basis for further spots. We
      would also love it if anyone had a good idea for a feature and could
      record it. We are specifically interested to hear about people's
      experiences with longer stays abroad for whatever reason as we're
      hoping to build up a bank of hints and tips for interns and the
      like. But we also want to have fun.

      This is a really good opportunity for those wanting to try out their
      English to contribute as we anticipate that most of the
      contributions will be non-native speakers.

      I was really taken aback by what happened to you. It is not only
      colleagues you have to convince but also the students who are used
      to years of doing language in a particular way and who can be
      extremely mistrustful when you come in and suggest other means of
      language learning. I have just taken on two groups and had to
      explain why a dictionary might be a good idea for example. They are
      used to controlled texts with Danish glossary at all times and my
      suggestion is met with blank looks. 'Never needed a dictionary
      before!' Last lesson I dared to suggest that they might tell me what
      they wanted to read about and I got 4 tentative suggestions. That's
      more than enough for me to work on for the remaining 3 weeks they
      have of the school year.

      Looking forward to hearing from you on the podcast site
      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, "Buthaina Al-Othman"
      <buthaina_3@...> wrote:
      > Dear Webhead fellows,
      > While I was reading the article I had you all in my mind and
      > of those of us, (me included) who are not obeying or following
      > old-school methods currently implemented in our organizations; do
      > think we should accept and just let go, or should we share this
      > article with our local colleagues and management? In my case, I
      > this won't work, I've tried earlier and the situation became
      worse. In
      > fact I lately shared copies of my virtual presentation at TESOL'06
      > with colleagues in the workplace and the result was that my PC was
      > taken few days later! Am I paranoid?
      > Best wishes :)
      > Buth
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