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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] SambaEFL - a piloting-podcast for English Learners

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  • Aiden Yeh
    Hi Christine, To be honest, I did not understand what your students were saying but I found myself enjoying listening to them. It s so authentic- and yes, so
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 4, 2006
      Hi Christine,

      To be honest, I did not understand what your students were saying but I found myself enjoying listening to them. It's so authentic- and yes, so natural. The laughter and giggles tell me that they're having F.U.N. The way they presented it sounds like a real news broadcast. This is a good training for students taking Mass Comm or radio broadcasting. Podcast really offers a lot of learning opportunities. I'm all for it, and I thank Graham for being such an inspiration. Believe it or not, my low intermediate reading students are also doing their weekly readings. They send me their group audio files and I add music in the beginning and end, plus an intro and final words. In this class, we don't have any computers, no screen, just a microphone and a blackboard. So, integrating podcasts in our lessons give them plenty of opportunities to hone their reading (and oral) skills. Another inspiration is Marsha Chan for telling the participants of Podcasting for ELT EVO session the trick to
      integrating audio comments to students' work. I had to be sure that my students understand that the audio comments are being done to make them aware of their learning mistakes- so hopefully they won't make the same mistakes twice.

      So here's to Graham and all his co-moderators (Aiden lifts a glass of champagne). Cheers!


      Christine Lombaerts <christine_lombaerts@...> wrote:
      Congratulations Carla!
      This is a very good podcast for students or anyone who wants to improve his English (like me ;-)
      I also have been starting with podcasting of few weeks ago: my students have to report on the main news items of the past week. I record their 'speaking exercice' and put it on the web. I have to find something more interactive, this is a try out!
      And last but not least, it's in French!!!!
      If you want, you can take a look at

      Carla arena <carlaarena@...> wrote:
      Dear all,

      After having concluded the "Becoming a Webhead" course and graduated, here's
      my most ambitious project as an experiment with podcasting for students.



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