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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Season Greeting & Happy Vance's birthday

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  • Vance Stevens
    Hi everyone, I had to pick a message to respond to all of your kind greetings. I selected the one below and added it to the list of testimonials collected
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 29, 2005
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      Hi everyone,

      I had to pick a message to respond to all of your kind greetings. I
      selected the one below and added it to the list of testimonials collected
      over the years at http://webheads.info . Webheads have been called many
      things, and I think the garden of teacher promotion is a fine vision.

      I love what's happening at

      I've put a couple of the graphics sent us up at the wiki, Janos's toast to
      Webheads and Teresa's virtual cake. As usual I was experimenting. I see
      that I am a slow learner and a number of you had found this feature, since
      there are a number of files uploaded to the wiki already. I've often found
      when teaching that finding a place to store pictures so you can link to them
      on web pages can be a problem. Now there is Flickr (blocked in the UAE,
      again, so I can't see Sus's graphic on the wiki) and Frapper. In our wiki
      I've linked to a couple of pics people left us in the Frapper map I used for
      WiAOC since these pics have urls that can be linked to directly. Now I find
      there is pbwiki. You can upload files there and then use their urls to
      display graphics in your wiki and other web pages. This is so conveniently
      cool. It's great for teachers to have a number of such repositories. I was
      put on to PBWiki by Daf who explained how she has students create web pages
      by using WikiStyle naming conventions. That sounded utterly complex at the
      time but now I've tried it I see how completely simple it is. It's too
      simple to explain really, you just do it. Maybe Daf could tell us in
      greater detail how she uses PBWiki.

      If you haven't done so already, please visit the wiki and leave your
      message. I'll most likely change the password before I leave on vacation in
      early January (a bit difficult to monitor backups after that), but there's
      plenty of time to wish us a Happy New Year.

      I notice a message or two in there to the effect that it's people's first
      time to write to a wiki. It's the first time I ever tried to create one
      (first time I ever tried to put on an online conference a while back, too).
      Our journey in Webheads has begun with a huge number of tentative first
      steps. Anyway, there are a couple of ways you could begin this one. One
      would be to consult the WikiStyle guide. My preference would be to visit
      the wiki, put in the password mh2005, select edit the page and then find the
      script for an effect you like and copy that to where you want to put it with
      your own message in place of the original one.

      I've put some other instructions here:

      Hope to see you at the Wiki, and wishing all a Happy New Year


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      Subject: [evonline2002_webheads] Season Greeting & Happy Vance's birthday

      Dear webheads & Vance,

      Happy season days and Vance's birthday! Have a good time in new year,
      2006! I like the garden of the teacher promotion to make me growth and
      progress! Thank you a lot from the webheads!

      At last, I attach a cute song to pray the member of webheads with
      smooth and health.

      Best wishes,
      Delin CHIAO

      Candace Pauchnick <pauchnick@...> 說:
      Thank you for announcing this was Vance's birthday! I didn't know.
      Happy Birthday to you Vance!!!!!!! :-)

      Dafne wrote:
      Happy birthday, Vance!!!

      Cumplea隳s Feliz!!!

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