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WiAOC 2005 update

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  • Vance Stevens
    Dear Webheads, It s time to update you on the upcoming WiAOC 2005 conference starting in two week s time. I ve been quite busy since getting some welcome time
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2005
      Dear Webheads,

      It's time to update you on the upcoming WiAOC 2005 conference
      starting in two week's time. I've been quite busy since getting some
      welcome time off from work updating the convergence documents:

      I believe this conference portal is visible from all countries
      represented here (please let me know if not):
      OR http://tinyurl.com/cydhu

      There you will find information on keynote presentations and also
      links to our two schedules. One is the dynamic one that Fernanda
      created to display information from presenters' proposal forms:

      The second schedule is the one I'm keeping for organizational
      purposes. It displays some information not available on the dynamic

      Guest visitors are welcome at the conference, but I hope all webheads
      will register for it at Venny's OpenSource for Educators Moodle:

      Many of you are already enrolled at the OpenSource for Educators
      Moodle. Registration for the conference is important because then
      you can
      - upload a picture to your profile so that you will have a 'face' at
      our conference as well as a voice
      - participate in forums

      You can also help out at the presenter's coaching area. The
      presenter's 'course' is here:

      If you've volunteered as a coach AND registered at the conference
      Moodle, then I've enrolled you in the coach's course. If you would
      like to help out as a coach, you are welcome to do so. We need this
      kind of help. But as this area is only for presenters and coaches,
      it is 'key' protected. Webheads are by nature qualified to act as
      coaches, and so if you are willing to lend a hand, please enroll in
      this 'course' separately from the main WiAOC 'course'.

      You will need the key: wiaoc05

      If I have enrolled you in that 'course' then you are subscribed to
      the general forum there. You can visit the forum and unsubscribe if
      you wish (if it's not appropriate for you) and you can subscribe to
      any forums there you feel are appropriate. For example, there are
      separate forums for Alado, Learning Times, and Worldbridges, and we
      can make others if needed. You need to initiate your subscription to
      the forums that interest you.

      I hope that we are setting things up in a way that everyone's
      experience with this conference is a positive one. This conference
      is a great experiment in use of CMC tools only recently available to
      us and we are all learning as we go. Webheads are committed to
      improving our expertise in these tools by challenging ourselves to
      become familiar with them and helping others in the discovery
      process. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let's
      discuss them here or at the Moodle.

      Incidentally, it's a holiday in the UAE at the moment and my wife
      wants me to take her to the mountains for some hiking. I need the
      break. We'll be gone all day Saturday and Sunday, and I won't be
      online on those days. I'll be back online on Monday.

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