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Another free workshop at Knowplace

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  • Robert Brannan
    I know I have already sent one post about my Connecting Online workshop at Knowplace.ca this weekend, and as soon as I sent it, I got this email. Since
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3 5:44 PM
      I know I have already sent one post about my "Connecting Online"
      workshop at Knowplace.ca this weekend, and as soon as I sent it, I got
      this email. Since several of you have chosen to present during the
      WIAOC via a Moodle, I thought some of you might be interested in this
      weekend's "Moodle Facilitation" with Dyan Grant-Francis, Wendy
      Seale-Bakes & Carole Cotton. Below is the information that was sent
      to me. This would be a great opportunity for some of you with limited
      Moodle expertise to hone your skills. Tell 'em elderbob sent you....


      Open Weekends@ knowplace: November 2005

      ** Please circulate to your blogs, websites, mailing lists and your
      friends **

      To join our Open Weekends @ Knowplace go to: http://knowplace.ca and
      create a unique login and password. Here are our new activities this

      November 04 - 06, 2005:
      - Moodle Facilitation with Dyan Grant-Francis, Wendy Seale-Bakes &
      Carole Cotton, or
      - Connect online with ElderBob

      November 11 - 13, 2005:
      - Virtual Meetings with Dr. Randy LaBonte, or
      - Using Educational Blogs to Motivate Writing

      November 18 - 20, 2005:
      - Bridge Building: Tools of the Web with ElderBob, or
      - Language Teachers on the Internet with Wendy Seale - Bakes

      November 25 - 27, 2005:
      - Create an ePortfolio Community Using Moodle and Open Source Tools
      with David Le Blanc, or
      - Create A Presentation with Aussie K

      On Fridays @ 12:00 noon PST click on the particular open weekend link
      from our home page and join us!. Check your time zone with ours:

      Join our mailing list:
      http://knowplace.ca/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/openweekends For more
      information contact: Carole Cotton, Open Weekends Co-ordinator:

      ** NOVEMBER 04 - 06 **

      MOODLE FACILITATION: Have you thought of working in moodle with your
      clients or students? This is an opportunity for you to learn a few
      tips and tricks of working with moodle. Which tools for which job? How
      do I...? The team facilitating includes Carole Cotton, Dyan
      Francis-Grant, Wendy Seale-Bakes and the ubiquitous Frances Long.
      Carole, Dyan and Wendy met as students in the Capilano Certificate
      programs offered by Knowplace. Frances and Helen took us through our
      initial learning curve. Now as knowmads, we return to share our
      successes and challenges with others in the global community.

      CONNECT ONLINE: Elderbob provides an introduction to Web 2.0
      Smorgasborg: Appetizers". This month is going to be a really full
      month for Connecting Online. We will start off this weekend with an
      appetizer class that will get us ready for the week-long Web 2.0
      Workshop. It will end with a hook up with the Webhead's in Action 1st
      Annual Convergence, Worldbridge's Edtech Talk, and Andy Carvin of
      Digital Divide Network.This is meant to be an early introduction to
      week-long events Elderbob is hosting that brings in many of the
      speakers and activities happening at the WIA . Watch for a more
      detailed announcement from Elderbob outlining with all the exciting
      activities he has planned.

      **NOVEMBER 11 - 13**

      VIRTUAL MEETINGS: Have you ever attended a virtual meeting? How did it
      feel - did you feel involved, or isolated? If so, you are not alone.
      Were you engaged and involved or isolated and frustrated? Again, this
      is a common complaint. Virtual meetings will become much more common
      in all businesses as the technology improves, and as travel and other
      meeting costs escalate. Would you like to be better at running such
      meetings. Join our host, Dr. Randy LaBonte. Randy has been a
      proponent of self-directed learning, and facilitator, consultant and
      trainer for schools, districts and non-profit groups for the past
      decade. He has provided senior management leadership in public and
      private organizations for 20 years, and devoted over 10 years to
      marketing, fundraising and training in the public sector in government
      and non-profit organizations and in the corporate sector with
      businesses and his own consulting practice.

      colleague Ramona work with blogs as a tool to enhance writing skills
      of their students. Common tasks are given to each group and sometimes
      the two classes work together. Many EFL/language teachers use this
      technique to guide their students to improve their writing. A great
      opportunity to share what you do with blogs and writing and share your
      techniques with others. Cristina is an EFL teacher and Naval Officer
      at the Portuguese Navy. I love teaching and I am very interested in
      studying the usage of webtools to enhance learning. Ramona is an EFL
      teacher living in Portugal and also currently teaching at the
      Portuguese navy, and very interested in bringing computers into the

      ** NOVEMBER 18 - 20**

      BRIDGE BUILDING: TOOLS OF THE WEB2.0 Smorgasborg: Desserts. On
      Friday, November 18 at 22:00 GMT (5:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM CST, and 2:00
      PM PST) Ted Nellen will take us on a cyber tour of his cyberlibrary
      and talk about the importance of Cybrarians. You can be sure Elderbob
      will be serving up much more.

      LANGUAGE TEACHERS ON THE INTERNET: Wendy Seale-Bakes facilitates this
      discussion forum about how to encourage language teachers to use more
      Internet activities in their classrooms. Our Open Weekend forum takes
      place in the heart of the "IEConnects" discussion forum that was
      created as part of her course requirements for the knowplace/Capilano
      College eTeach certificate program. Wendy teaches English as a Second
      Language (ESL) to adult learners at a local community college, and
      also teaches a blended ESL class.
      ** November 25 - 27 **

      Learn by example! Create a mini-eportfolio using Nvu http://nvu.com
      . Learn how moodle can support the eportfolio community. This open
      weekend will give you the basics to create a course about using
      eportfolios with your students and clients. David Le Blanc has been
      working with computer based learning since the mid '80s and has been a
      secondary teacher in Burnaby, BC for the past 13 years. He is a a
      Ph.D. candidate at Simon Fraser University with a research focus in
      the Design of Collaborative Learning Environments for Distributed
      Settings. One of his current project's is a Web site that he has
      established for fellow educators to freely host and administer their
      own online courses ( http://TogetherApart.com) using the MOODLE

      CREATE A PRESENTATION: Aussie K offers a pleasurable learning
      experience that inspires us to start manipulating images, not only
      with pictures but also screen captures that can be used in real and
      virtual training environments adding a little professional flair to
      your presentations. As you might have guessed, Aussie K is from a
      land down-under. You will be working both asynchronously through the
      discussion forums and synchronously in the discovere voice chat room.
      Please take the time to undertake the pre-workshop activities. Aussie
      K describes himself as "a geek to many and the organiser of the Aussie
      Mooters Gather conferences. His passion is Flexible / Blended
      Learning within Emergency Service environments, part of a never ending
      journey that took him to Vermilion and Vancouver in Canada to learn
      from masters in this area at Lakeland College and The Justice
      Institute of British Columbia."


      Offered in asynchronous mode you can participate at your own leisure
      in our discussions. Some open weekends host synchronous - real time
      discussions. The open weekends are the knowplace way of giving back
      to the international online community. All we ask from you is:

      - introduce yourself to others,
      - respond to comments
      - consider moderating an open weekend
      - give us your suggestions for topics

      If you have suggestions for topics you would like to learn about
      and/or present, please contact me, carolec@... For more
      information contact: Carole Cotton, Open Weekends Co-ordinator:

      ** UNSUBSCRIBE? ** To unsubscribe contact Carole Cotton: Carole
      carolec@... with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

      Carole Cotton, B.A., M.Ed.
      Coordinator, Open Weekends @ Knowplace.
      Career Portfolio Specialist, Online Educator, eCareer Coach
      Yahoo IM - carole_cotton2003
      MSN IM -cottoncarole
      Skype ID - clcotton
      Gtalk ID - clcotton

      Knowplace http://knowplace.ca
      ** Providing customized training geared to the needs of specific
      groups - both in Canada and internationally
      ** Assisting organizations and individuals move into the online world
      quickly and efficiently

      See ya' online,
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