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difference between bogs, wikis, what is Ipod?

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  • Barbara Chap
    Dear Eric, That is a really nice explanation. I m saving it for when these questions come up, as they surely will, in BaW2006. Barb Message: 3 Date: Wed, 26
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2005
      Dear Eric,

      That is a really nice explanation. I'm saving it for when these questions
      come up, as they surely will, in BaW2006.


      Message: 3

      Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 20:03:19 +0100

      From: "Eric Baber" <Eric@...>

      Subject: Re: Dennis: blogs & wikis & Ipods

      Hi Dennis,

      > 1. What are the essential differences between blogs and wikis?

      A blog is like an online diary, where the blog owner writes something (every
      day, or even more frequently, or less frequently, however (s)he likes). Most
      blogs also have a feature that allows readers to add comments to any of the
      entries - these comments are then visible to all subsequent visitors as
      well, and they in turn can leave further comments.

      A wiki on the other hand is like a public website which one person starts,
      but which then any visitor is able to change. Instead of being a static
      webpage therefore (or a collection of static webpages forming a website),
      it's a dynamic one, which anyone can edit. It's a bit like putting up a Word
      document which can be viewed and edited by anyone.

      For an example of a wiki take a look at http://www.wikipedia.org
      <http://www.wikipedia.org/> - a wiki encyclopedia on which anyone,
      including you if you'd like to, can edit any of the entries.

      > 2. If wikis are as straightforward to set up as blogs - where does one

      > begin?

      http://www.schtuff.com <http://www.schtuff.com/>

      http://www.seedwiki.com <http://www.seedwiki.com/>

      > 3. What does 'Ipod' mean? They work with MP3, right?

      An iPod is a device manufactured and sold by Apple which holds loads of data
      (40Gb, 60Gb and possibly more now, not sure). Its primary purpose is to hold
      MP3s, yes, and play them back. However, it can hold any type of data so it
      can also be used to transport/hold data for whatever reason you might like.

      But yes, it's predominantly used as an MP3 player, and many people nowadays
      put their entire CD collection onto their iPod, thereby being able to listen
      to whatever album/track they want, when they want. Neat, huh! (By the way,
      there are now lots of iPod clones, i.e. devices that do exactly the same
      thing but produced by other companies - these tend to be cheaper).


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