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Thanks Yaodong - buying art on the Internet

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  • Anne Fox
    Thanks to Yaodong who posted a text message on the Wimba Voiceboard (will anyone try out the voice option?) I ll answer your question about the class here
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2005
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      Thanks to Yaodong who posted a text message on the Wimba Voiceboard
      (will anyone try out the voice option?) I'll answer your question
      about the class here rather than on the Voiceboard.

      The course is a pilot and is meant to be a blended course with 3
      face to face meetings followed by 6 virtual lessons and ending with
      a final face to face when they present their work.

      I have presented the course within a Moodle where I have added links
      to a Voiceboard and to a live chat room, also the Wimba option. We
      are coming to the end of the face to face sessions and next week
      will be starting on the distance element.

      What is planned is that they will work in small groups and report
      back to me in regular live voice sessions once a week. This is a
      piloting of the concept and the group does not exactly tally with
      the profile we originally had in mind in so far as they are all from
      the same workplace and a fairly small one at that. So the online
      element is a little artificial since they see each other everyday
      anyway. I hope that it will seem a little more necessary when I stop
      making the two hour round trip to see them next week.

      I have also recommended that they keep a learning diary in a blog at
      elgg.net but only one out of the eight has dared to post anything
      there though the rest have dutifully registered.

      It is my experience that many adult students get overwhelmed (read
      perplexed, cross) if you introduce too many IT tools at a time and I
      have really thought about what is necessary to make this work but
      even Moodle plus Wimba plus elgg seems to be too much. So I have to
      prioritise and my priority is to get them using Moodle first, Wimba
      second and elgg third.

      Voice messages can still be left on the Voiceboard at
      1126245607778 or alternatively tinyurl

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