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Re: presentation October 24, 8:45 p.m. GMT

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  • Rita Zeinstejer
    Hi, dear Chris, I think I ll be able to make it on October 24, will turn up at my office (at school) later....;-) I also participated in Daf s online sessions
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 4, 2005
      Hi, dear Chris,

      I think I'll be able to make it on October 24, will turn up at my office (at school) later....;-)

      I also participated in Daf's online sessions with her Architecture stds, and for her project on Bridges around the World, I showed a ppt on an Argentinian Bridge, together with Sus and Tere, who also presented on bridges in their places. This is one option, that is, talking on the whole task devised, including lead-in and follow-up activities as well as the interaction with the stds at Elluminate. But I guess it's Dafne who would make a better description of the project and of the impact it had on her stds.

      I might also speak about a project I carried out through YM with my stds and Carol Wilson-Duffy, an EFL teacher from Michigan State University last year. We prepared our stds asynchronously in a forum and then, once they got to know each other, they met on YM for a synchronous chat session. CarolĀ“s stds were studying English in the States, and, coming from other cultures, they found many differences between their customs and the American lifestyle.

      Our project entailed talking about these differences, as students in Argentina have also different ideas on the American way of life, and both Carol and me thought the topic would raise a good deal of discussion and language exchange. So it did, and the chat at YM proved a very realistic kind of interaction. In fact, stds felt so much at ease in the virtual environment they didn't comply too much with the "rules of the game", and their topics soon turned to "sports", in general, as Argentina is well-known in that respect :-(
      I don't happen to have anything to show, though, Chris, sorry to tell you, not even the chatlog. But I might show some other chatlogs I saved on different circumnstances.
      You tell me if anything of this can be of any help to you.

      My best,


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