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Re: Seeking a few beta-testers for LiveChat (Audio/Video) Chat

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  • CJones
    Hi, everyone, I had the pleasure of checking out Jim Duber s new chat room with him this morning. Although I ve used his Let s Talk discussion board, it s the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 2 9:54 AM
      Hi, everyone,

      I had the pleasure of checking out Jim Duber's new chat room with him
      this morning. Although I've used his Let's Talk discussion board, it's
      the first time we've actually talked rather than emailed. It was great
      to "meet" him.

      I was working off my 56K modem, so he was surprised that he could see
      my webcam at all. It was pretty jerky, and the sound was choppy.
      However, the sound was completely clear after we both disabled our
      webcams. If somebody else has signed up to test the Live Chat and
      would like a practice partner, let me know.


      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, Jim Duber <jim@d...> wrote:
      > Greetings Webheads,
      > I'm in the final stages of developing a LiveChat application where
      > participants can pair up in different 'chat rooms' and then communicate
      > live, in real-time, with support for audio/video and text chatting.
      > I'm now at the point where I could use some feedback and am looking for
      > a few kind volunteers to try things out and then let me know your
      > impressions and any suggestions you might have for things that could
      > use improvement.
      > If you are willing to help out in this endeavor, and have a working
      > webcam or microphone on your computer please reply to me *privately* at
      > my email address: jim@d...
      > Please send the following information along with your reply so that I
      > can manually register you in the user database:
      > 1) What is your first name?
      > FIRST NAME:
      > 2) What is your last name?
      > LAST NAME:
      > 3) What email address would you like to use for this purpose?
      > 4) Where are you located?
      > LOCATION:
      > I'll then send you the URL for the application and your login details.
      > Thanks very much and all the best,
      > Jim
      > ________________________________________________________
      > Jim Duber jim@d...
      > duber dot com http://duber.com
      > Interactive Media Development, Training and Consulting
      > Have you seen the LetsTalk Discussions?
      > http://duber.com/LetsTalk/
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