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  • Andrew Pincon
    Hi Chris: I ll be available to assist you in whatever way you require for your session with Alado and I ll also be in the rest of the sessions in LT and Yahoo.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
      Hi Chris:

      I'll be available to assist you in whatever way you require for your session with Alado and I'll also be in the rest of the sessions in LT and Yahoo. We are based out of a large community college with 18 campuses and 250,000 students and adult learners in non credit courses so I'm familiar with your audience of community college faculty. Also, as an FYI, immediately after the recent hurricanes, Tulane University in New Orleans contacted Roger Bacon at Houston Community College and Roger is supplementing Tulane's online courses with the VoIP Collaboration Technology we use, so there is some real time relevant information we can share in the use of our tools.
      Best regards
      Andy Pincon

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      Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 14:45:35 -0700 (PDT)
      From: Chris Jones
      Subject: presentation October 24, 8:45 p.m. GMT

      Hi, Webheads,

      On Monday, October 24, from 8:45 to 9:45 p.m. GMT, my division chair, Linda
      Elliott-Nelson, and I are presenting at the League for Innovation, 2005
      Conference on Information Technology in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of this
      conference is to showcase innovation in the community college, so the audience
      is all community college educators, not just ESL professionals. There is
      supposed to be a high-speed Internet connection in the room we’re presenting in
      as well as a data projector. We will be able to test out the equipment the
      evening before with a technician on hand to help out.

      The title of our presentation is “Speaking Online Using Technology Tools.” We
      will start out by explaining that our institution, Arizona Western College, has
      become quite involved in Distance Education, especially through online courses.
      Because speaking and listening are both important in language learning, we
      needed to find appropriate tools to use. We then plan to briefly introduce our
      audience to several online tools during our hour-long presentation.

      Linda will show the use of video clips and Horizon-Wimba discussion boards as
      she has used them within Blackboard in her Spanish classes. Then I will show
      Yahoo Messenger, Alado, and Elluminate via Learning Times. Of course, I need
      your invaluable assistance with these latter three.

      YM – I’ll talk about how I used it in my F2F class to do interviews with
      Webheads. Then I’d like one or 2 of you to tell how you used it in your
      teaching situation. Note that this needs to be using voice, not just text, chat
      (unless we have problems). It would also be nice if at least a couple of you
      could have your webcams running.

      Alado – I thought I’d start out with a whiteboard map of the world and have you
      write in your locations. Then one or two of you could talk about how you’ve
      used Alado with a class of students with maybe two slides for each of you.

      Elluminate – Again, the idea is to show how you’ve used Elluminate with your
      students. I participated in Dafne’s students’ presentations about architecture
      in Venezuela a while back, and this is a good possibility if Daf is available
      at the time given. In any case, I’d like two Webheads to talk about what they
      have done with students using Elluminate.

      ***At this point, I’m thinking of 2 Webheads each to talk about using YM,
      Alado, and Elluminate. If you’re available at this time and would like to
      present something, please let me know which medium and a little about what you
      did with it and would like to present to our audience. Each person would have
      about 3-4 minutes to briefly explain the activity/activities they did.

      Note that I hope to show how faculty can use voice with students as opposed to
      our use of these medium for professional development. If you work with children
      and your activity would be applicable to teaching adults, that’s O.K., too.

      I’ve been involved in so many of your presentations that I’m confident this
      will all go well, but it’s my first time to be a lead presenter as opposed to
      participating in someone else’s live presentation, so I’m a little nervous. I
      have not been a moderator for either Alado or Elluminate, so I will contact
      both Andy and Jonathan about that. It would be good if another Webhead were
      available to be a co-moderator.

      Chris Jones

      Yahoo! Mail - PC Magazine Editors' Choice 2005

      Best Regards
      Andrew Pinçon
      Excutive Director
      Digital Workforce Education Society
      An Illinois Entrepreneurship Network Affiliate

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