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9275Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Re: Report on Today's Session

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  • Vance Stevens
    May 4 6:58 AM
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      I've tried it on two computers and it works on both. I tried to help
      Yaodong troubleshoot his last night and he goes to a difference screen after
      logon (I go to the session entry with the green bar, he goes elsewhere). We
      tried searching the archives. I thought I had found it (sustaining online
      community) but when I went back to what I thought was the same place I could
      not replicate my find. We searched everywhere. It is odd that some are
      directed differently after logon.

      Incidentally I have been asked twice as a result of this session what I
      thought would happen if I were no longer involved with Webheads, would the
      community then sustain itself? Consenus is that it would. I have been
      involved in many labors in many attempts to jump-start communities in my
      career. One for example was the MS-DOS Newsletter which, when I stopped
      doing it, died a peaceful rest. Another was the CALL-IS Interest section
      which I was involved with forming but was an idea whose time had come and is
      now a venerable institution in TESOL.

      I have often repeated that the ONLY things worth doing are those that will
      carry on when you're gone. I think Webheads reached that point a year or
      two ago. One test of the value of an effort is to withdraw from it and see
      what happens. Worthwhile undertakings SHOULD be carried forward when its
      founding members go on to more ambitious projects.

      I have no intention of doing that though. I am happy to let others take
      initiative and I think we all appreciate the dynamic eclecticism and absence
      of personal agenda that characterizes Webheads.

      Thanks Michael for bringing it all together (once again ;-) in a sterling
      presentation (and thanks Buth for cueing me for my grand exit right at the
      end :-))


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      > Hi Michael, Yao is right, I can't reach the link either. No enter!
      > Hugs,
      > /Chrissan
      >> Yaodong - this may be a temporary problem. The link to the session at
      >> http://home.learningtimes.net/learningtimes?go=807538 is working
      > fine for me.
      >> - Michael
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