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537Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Re: Backflip, organizing your links

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  • Vance Stevens
    Mar 6, 2002
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      Hi everyone,

      As we pull toward the end of Week 6 of our session I've been updating the web pages at our site, adding things like the url below to Week 5 of the syllabus and updating Week 6 as the comments come in. I think Pete's posting from today will go there, for example.


      We didn't get around this week to adding multimedia to our web sites. That was also scheduled for this week, but only a few of you braved Wimba and Groupboard (which are a form of multimedia). It's not hard to do. Teresa tried to make it harder than it is by pasting her perfectly good html into Front Page, and I hope she's succeeded by now in making it work. All html is, is text in a file. Notepad is an excellent html editor without all the help features. At the end of the Week 6 syllabus page you can find some information on what we failed to cover, though it's not hyperlinked yet. We can pursue this in Week 7 for any of you who are interested.

      Several of you have sent us urls to your existing sites. If you manage to create a site (however modest) as a result of your association with this group please send us your URL so we can admire it. Another TESOL EVOnline session, Internet for Beginners, is having some success this week with getting novices to create web sites. You might want to look at their materials which are linked from my Week 6 page, above.

      Next week we address issues of eModeration, and there are in fact 4events scheduled Friday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday.

      March 8, Friday, 17:30 to 19:30 GMT, Vance will host a TESOL EVOnline Human_CALL chat on cross cultural issues online at Tapped In, http://www.tappedin.org

      Sunday at noon GMT there is the usual Writing for Webheads, see http://sites.hsprofessional.com/vstevens/files/efi/software.htm for information

      Monday we move to Egypt - Monday 11 March, 14:00 GMT - "Online chat session with the Egypt Tesol Educational Technology Special Interest Group," hosted by Ismail Fayed with guests Vance and Dafne

      Monday we also kick off a 48 hour discussion session for this: Wednesday, March 13, at noon GMT - Webheads in Action discussion on "Issues in emoderation and chaos navigation." Michael Coghlan will host a discussion on emoderation using his paper at http://users.chariot.net.au/~michaelc/nw2001/emod_newlang.htm as a reference

      Check the schedule for the latest details:


      Yaodong in Liuzhou and I (and Dafne, who happened along and joined us) have been experimenting with Pal Talk and I must say I like this chat client better than I do iVisit. The voice works quite well, better in multparty chat rooms than Yahoo Messenger as far as I can see, about like Hear Me; and the video seems to work, though perhaps not as well as Yahoo. I was able to see two cameras of others in the chat room, and there was a window for a third.

      Hope to see you online soon,


      Renata Chylinski wrote:

      > dygonza wrote:
      > >
      > > I think he (Vance) is right, the best way to organize your links, and have
      > > them handy is your own webpage.
      > This is my opinion, too. I was at times overwhelmed by the number of
      > websites suggested to me or found on the Intrenet.
      > At first i simply wrote them down, but when I wanted to point my
      > students to them it became impractical. Also, when you work across
      > campuses having your own web page makes your work much easier.
      > In addition, everyone has their own idea of organising files in a
      > meaningful way and other people's pages may not meet your criteria.
      > Here is what I came up with (see link below). This site organises my
      > links but also had another role to fulfil: in the absence of Centre's
      > self-access page it became a point of reference for our students'
      > self-study material.
      > Renata's ESL/CALL Corner
      > http://muelc.monint.monash.edu.au/LStation/station.htm
      > Cheers
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