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520Re: Backflip, organizing your links

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  • dygonza
    Mar 5, 2002
      Dear Renata,
      Thanks for sharing your homepage with us. I just love it. By the
      way,from your photo show, I liked the one where you have curly hair.
      Good to know about that Cosmopolitan CD ;-)
      I like the way you organized your links, and the aesthetics of your
      page is lovely. An excellent model to follow.
      Best wishes,

      --- In evonline2002_webheads@y..., Renata Chylinski
      <Renata.Chylinski@m...> wrote:
      > dygonza wrote:
      > >
      > > I think he (Vance) is right, the best way to organize your links,
      and have
      > > them handy is your own webpage.
      > This is my opinion, too. I was at times overwhelmed by the number of
      > websites suggested to me or found on the Intrenet.
      > At first i simply wrote them down, but when I wanted to point my
      > students to them it became impractical. Also, when you work across
      > campuses having your own web page makes your work much easier.
      > In addition, everyone has their own idea of organising files in a
      > meaningful way and other people's pages may not meet your criteria.
      > Here is what I came up with (see link below). This site organises my
      > links but also had another role to fulfil: in the absence of
      > self-access page it became a point of reference for our students'
      > self-study material.
      > Renata's ESL/CALL Corner
      > http://muelc.monint.monash.edu.au/LStation/station.htm
      > Cheers
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