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507Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Re: Backflip, organizing your links

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  • Renata Chylinski
    Mar 4, 2002
      dygonza wrote:
      > I think he (Vance) is right, the best way to organize your links, and have
      > them handy is your own webpage.

      This is my opinion, too. I was at times overwhelmed by the number of
      websites suggested to me or found on the Intrenet.
      At first i simply wrote them down, but when I wanted to point my
      students to them it became impractical. Also, when you work across
      campuses having your own web page makes your work much easier.

      In addition, everyone has their own idea of organising files in a
      meaningful way and other people's pages may not meet your criteria.
      Here is what I came up with (see link below). This site organises my
      links but also had another role to fulfil: in the absence of Centre's
      self-access page it became a point of reference for our students'
      self-study material.

      Renata's ESL/CALL Corner

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