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  • Michael Marzio
    Nov 2, 2003
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      Hi Teresa, and all of you who have already replied to her message,

      The first time I tried to access Aiden's Geocities page at
      http://www.geocities.com/tesol_evonline/2004sessions/ was on Thursday
      afternoon, and I had problems similar to what you describe in your
      message below. I just tried again and the page opened in less than a
      second. But it is Sunday morning right now. The bandwidth-thieves on
      the other side of the Atlantic (my fellow Americans) are still
      sleeping soundly, and Sunday is probably a low-traffic day anyway as
      compared to Monday through Thursday/Friday.

      I think that explains the problem quite simply. I don't think it is
      specific to Portugal. Geocities and other huge sites are simply more
      sensitive to bandwidth issues than low-traffic sites, imho.


      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, "Teresa Almeida d'Eca"
      <tmvaz@m...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone!
      > I've just tried to access Aiden's Geocities page (URL below) at
      > http://www.geocities.com/tesol_evonline/2004sessions/
      > and, once again, Geocities is taking forever. It's been this
      way "for me"
      > for about 2-3 weeks. It opens at 'snail pace' and sometimes doesn't
      > open (present situation though I clicked on Stop and Refresh).
      > The other day I was chatting with Daf about a Web page we have in
      > While for her it opened immediately, for me it took a couple of
      minutes (and
      > lots of frustration!).
      > My questions are:
      > -- Is anyone having the same sort of problem? Joao and Fernanda,
      are you
      > having problems? Could it be some connection/access problem
      specific to
      > Portugal?
      > -- How should I go about trying to find out what the problem and/or
      > may be?
      > VIP(oint): I don't think the problem is with my computer, because
      all other
      > Web pages open normally.
      > TIA for any help.
      > Teresa
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