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  • Fernanda Rodrigues
    Sep 7, 2003
      Dear Ismail
      I'm afraid I don't have institutional information in English. CANTIC has
      a website, but it is in Portuguese:

      This program has not been implemented in the whole country, but mainly
      in the Lisbon area (Direcção Regional de Educação de Lisboa); for
      example, children in the hospital have been involved in Teleaula for
      several years; the same happens with students at home suffering from
      severe physical disabilities or chronic disease. Basically, when parents
      or one school contacts CANTIC, an evaluation is done (usually in the
      student's home) by the Cantic team to determine if the child/student
      can operate the computer (keyboard and mouse) without additional devices,
      for example a track ball or a virtual keyboard. There are some pictures
      here, but again the site is in Portuguese:


      After that, if there are videoconferencing systems available (Picture
      Tell ) one is installed at the student's home and the other in a
      computer at school (in the room where his classes will take place). ISDN
      connections have been used so far. Happily the process is not very
      bureaucratic, the main problem is lack or resources to solve everything
      in due time: teacher training, connections that no longer work, no
      videoconferencing systems availbale to attend to new cases, and so

      What I'm looking for now is a cmc tool that might replace Picture tell
      without costs, because at present there are no systems available.

      I hope I have answered your doubts. If not, feel free to ask again, and
      I'll try to be more clear.


      On Mon, 01 Sep 2003 14:08:09 +0300
      "Ismail Fayed" <ifayed@...> wrote:

      > Dear Fernanda,

      > I am very interested to know more about the planning and implementation
      > of this program in your country. It is quite a good initiative that
      > could be relevant to some of the educational programs here in Egypt too.
      > If there are more details that you can share with us about the program
      > in English, I would really appreciate knowing more about it.

      > Fernanda Rodrigues wrote:
      > <As I mentioned yesterday in our Sunday meeting, I'd like your advice
      > on
      > communication tools, as I suppose some of you have tried more tools
      > than
      > me and have evaluated them in more detail.
      > This is the context: I've been collaborating with CANTIC here in
      > Portugal for some time now giving local support and building materials
      > ( http://www.prof2000.pt/users/estante).
      > CANTIC is a service connected to the Ministry of Education, where a
      > team
      > of teachers evaluates children and young people with motor
      > disabilities
      > or chronic diseases which prevent them from going to school. They
      > study
      > the best equipment to make these children interact with the rest of
      > the
      > class at school by means of a computer, while they are at home or in
      > the hospital.
      > One of their projects is called TeleAula (teleclass), which uses a
      > videoconferencing system - PictureTell Live200...>
      > Best regards,
      > Ismail.
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      Fernanda Rodrigues
      Escola Secundária Sebastião da Gama
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