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3649Re: Colloquium, well done?

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  • Christopher Johnson
    Apr 2, 2003
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      Hi Webheads,

      There has been a lot of great reflection on the colloquium from
      everyone, and I enjoyed reading your
      good ideas (lessons learned). I thought I'd throw in a few, being an
      online audience member.

      First of all, I think it is a really great idea to project the chatting
      by the remote members during the presentation.
      I had never thought of that, but it really gives the audience a sense of
      how CMC and
      online collaboration takes place. Bravo!

      Also, I wholeheartedly agree with Chris (Jones) about rehearsing
      everything together
      online at least a week before. Great idea!

      I think the Wimba voice tool is very good. I am not sure if it is better
      than the tool used
      at GLD6 (I always forget the name). I was very impressed with that audio
      tool as well.
      However, changing Internet bandwidth (due to online traffic) and local
      problems are
      beyond Wimba's control. It is amazing that it works as well as it does.
      Unfortunately, it
      can fade in and out at inconvenient moments (viz. Tere's presentation).

      With combination remote and live presentations, here are my suggestions.
      Apologies for
      any redundancies or if these steps were already taken by the live
      1) We need to live with the fact that there may be fade-ins/outs at
      inconvenient times
      and accept decisions by the live presenters/coordinators to bump us off.
      As backup,
      have the presentation slides (plus written or even pre-recorded
      commentary) already published online with the URLs in the handout.
      2) Explain to the audience that this problem may happen (Internet
      3) Set up a discussion forum with the published presentation. Perhaps
      this can
      get some interaction going after the presentation.
      4) Check in at regular times to see if the audio is back on track. Allow
      a few words
      by the presenters that got bumped (e.g. an invitation to go to the
      published Web site
      and use the discussion forum for questions)
      4) For those who got bumped, recycle the presentation in another venue
      another time.

      I think the main thing to remember is even with a lot of preparation and
      that the live event is different and may have unexpected problems. Those
      are ringside can see the audience's reaction and are in a position to
      last minute changes.

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