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31312Need help emulating traditional language lab

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  • Vance Stevens
    Aug 23, 2014
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      Here's an interesting challenge. My colleagues and I teach pilots how to listen to and respond to control towers. We want to design materials where the control tower says something and the pilot can record a response, the tower says something else, the pilot records a response, all in one interface.

      The interface I have in mind is much like an old language lab where audio comes in on one track and the student records on another (the student hears the prompt, presses record, records a prompt) At the end the student can seamlessly play back both tracks to see what s/he sounded like.

      Now this should be in one interface, so it needs to be an audio tool with a gap that the student records in and can play it back seconds later.

      I know this can be done in Audacity but it's a little messy and requires students to use some degree of tech skills to manipulate the audacity interface (I know, they will be flying planes, you would think... <snip snip>). 

      Would anyone happen to know of a free tool that can more faithfully emulate that language lab functionality?
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