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  • Michael Coghlan
    Jun 11, 2014
      Hi again.
      Earlier tonight I spent a really enjoyable hour talking with Ali B about the Webheads community as part of his inquiry into Communities of Practice. Ali is looking to do many more spoken interviews and I urge you to take this opportunity to contribute to his research and volunteer to be interviewed. Apart from just being an enjoyable thing to do it's a valuable chance to contemplate and reflect on what it is about this community you value, and what makes it work (or not).
      Ali is especially interested in talking with newer members of the community, and 'fringe dwellers' (or outliers) who may not see their role or experience of the webheads as that important. But your story is important too. Ali would like to have as complete a picture as possible of what goes on in this community for ALL its members - not just those who are more active. So don't be afraid to step forward and offer your thoughts. Ali's email is ab1007@...
      - Michael.

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