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Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Happy Holidays

  • Daniel Bassill
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      Hi John,

      Your web site has an extensive library. I encourage you to add www.tutormentorexchange.net (Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC) into the youth organizations section at http://oregonhibbs.com/2013/08/26/youth-organizations/

      Between your library, Curt Bonk's library and mine, we point to a vast world of additional web sites and knowledge. However, I'm more and more concerned that we don't have an effective way to bring others into this knowledge in ways that create shared experiences and shared understanding based on learning from the same ocean of information.

      Instead we have an overwhelming body of knowledge that keeps expanding but we don't have a way to expand the 24 hours a day each person has available for sleeping, eating, working, playing, etc.

      I think cMOOCs are one solution, but they need to be on-going, hosted by many different leaders, and in some cases focused vertically, on all the actions needed over many years to solve a complex problem that is present in many places, or horizontally, connecting many people who deal with different vertical problems/causes but who deal with the same issues .. e.g. funding, learning, network building, etc.

      A MOOC just devoted to this would be significant.

      I'll look forward to continuing this conversation and process of learning with you and others in the coming year.

      Dan Bassill
      Tutor/Mentor Connection
      Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC

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      >From: John Hibbs <skipper@...>
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      >Michael Coghlan, you speak for ALL of us......but -- perhaps? -- more
      >for those who lurk, those who continue to be astonished by the
      >collective power of this group. I too rarely comment, but Webheads -
      >the people, the places, the things they do, is always, always, always
      >on my mind. Thank you Webheads for all you do.
      >Now...... if there is one more "stocking stuffer" to put in the
      >Webheads Stockings, just maybe this is worthy of unwrapping? Here it
      >is -- a list of those in the Business of Sharing:
      >What else is Webheads about except "sharing". Should I have included
      >on that list MOOC's? Webheads?
      >But I digress. This note was meant to be more pointed....Happy,
      >happy holidays. May 2014 be the greatest year each and all of you
      >ever, ever had.
      >At 1:21 PM +0000 12/24/13, Michael Coghlan wrote:
      >>Dear Webheads,
      >>Prompted by Aiden's lovely message I just want to say how happy and
      >>proud I am to be part of this wonderful group. I'm much less active
      >>these days (for various reasons) but I read almost everything that's
      >>posted and continue to be amazed by the spirit of sharing that
      >>exists within this community.
      >>Thank you all for being there, and I hope you all have a peaceful
      >>and relaxing holiday break.
      >>- Michael (on Christmas Eve in Australia)
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