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23987Re: I cannot log in to the conference at 'AVEALMEC'

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  • Mary
    Nov 1, 2009
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      Thank you whoever enabled my AVEALMEC account. One problem solved.

      That only leaves the google wave (and ning) issue.

      Hope to see you at the conference today, and i hope someone will please add
      me to the google wave soon, too.

      On Sun, Nov 1, 2009 at 11:20 AM, Mary <lightsteps@...> wrote:

      > Can anyone help?
      > It said my account has been disabled.
      > I found this out when I tried to respond to the invitation to start
      > commenting on the forums that open today.
      > Thanks in advance!
      > P.S. Could it have anything to do with google wave? I also was locked out
      > of the google group, trocadeatividadesdeingles, whild loggin to my google
      > wave account, but could access it after signing out of google wave and
      > rebooting.
      > http://trocadeatividadesdeingles.ning.com also will not let me upload my
      > monthly contribution. Google wave is the only thing that has changed on my
      > computer.
      > P.P.S.
      > I am still in the dark about being added to the Webheads google wave. I
      > didn`t see it in my wave account, if someone has added me. How would I know
      > and be able to access it?
      > Many thanks.
      > Invitation below:
      > Invitation to Join Our Forums
      > We are happy to announce that the pre-conference activity will start
      > today! You need to start sharing ideas and posting your views in our
      > forums:
      > Unveiling Connectivist Learning
      > The aim of this forum is to explore and discuss issues related to
      > connectivism by sharing our own experiences, resources and
      > discoveries.
      > E-moderators: Carla Raguseo (ARCALL) and Elvina Castillo (AVEALMEC)
      > Communities of Practice
      > You may hear educationalists use the term Community of Practice to
      > refer to communities of practice, classes, groups, professional
      > bodies, teams, networks, etc. as communities at some stage. But, Is
      > there any difference among these definitions? What is a community of
      > practice?
      > E-moderators: Nelba Quintana (ARCALL) , Evelyn Izquierdo and Nahir
      > Aparicio (AVEALMEC)
      > Social Networks and ELT
      > This forum is aimed at the discussion on the use of Social Networks in
      > English Language Teaching and learning, and especially focuses on the
      > way their features can contribute such processes.
      > E-moderators: Maricarmen Gamero (AVEALMEC), Jennifer Verschoor and
      > Paula Ledesma (ARCALL)
      > Second Life, Social Networks and ELT
      > This forum aims at reflecting on the power of virtual world to connect
      > with others and its potential in offering people different and more
      > authentic experiences to learn.
      > E-moderators: Miguel Mendoza, Dafne Gonzalez and Evelyn Izquierdo
      > (AVEALMEC)
      > This is an opportunity of e-meeting participants and e-speakers.
      > Join us!

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