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18791Re: Twitter - Webheads crowd

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  • Susan Burg
    May 5, 2008
      Hello Vance et al,

      I would like to join this group. Tried to do it at
      but our group doesn't show up...I am susaneb in Twitter.

      Btw, I have been networking in facebook where I see a lot of Webheads,
      too. It is nice to see all of you there...also a great place to share
      photos. Have enjoyed Paula Emmert's pics from her recent trip to
      Italy! So I encourage everyone to join facebook.

      Thanks & ;-)
      > Hi Gladys and everyone,
      > Glad you are enjoying Crowdstatus (and getting back to broadband
      after a
      > week without).
      > I've put a link to Crowdstatus at the bottom of
      http://webheads.info, in
      > case you want to check it and can't remember its clunky URL.
      > I've added Gladys to it and if anyone else wants to be added just
      let me
      > know.
      > Vance
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