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  • michaelc@chariot.net.au
    May 1, 2008
      Hi everyone.

      I look at crowdstatus and find myself thinking isn't this just Twitter
      writ small? Maybe it's come to be because Twitter has been so
      successful and we all have too many people to follow so we feel the
      need to refine it back to just a few with a tool like crowdstatus?

      And I look at it and wonder what its use is? Yes, it looks good, and
      works well, bu how would you use it? Apart from being a mini-Twitter,
      what would you do with it? Anyone care to enlighten me? :)

      - Michael

      Quoting Seth Dickens <sethdickens@...>:

      > Hiya Cris,
      > This IS great isn't it :-)
      > It's just the sort of thing I was thinking of trying to set up with a
      > class, but already made to look good visually. :-D
      > I had a play around and it's quite easy to use too. WOW! :-)
      > I think this might just be what I was looking for! I set up a tiny
      > little "Crowd" in just 1 minute:
      > http://crowdstatus.com/friendsandcolleaguescrowd.aspx
      > I'm gonna experiment with yahoo pipes too, but this tool is so nice
      > and simple and it "Just Works"
      > Thanks again for this,
      > Seth
      > -- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, cristina costa
      > <cristinacosta_pt@...> wrote:
      >> Hi Seth,
      >> I ma not sure if this helps, but Vance's Crowdstatus is just great
      > http://crowdstatus.com/webheadsinactioncrowd.aspx
      >> besides that I also use he twitter aggregator widget in igoogle. I
      > think it is quite efficient.
      >> Cris
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