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18173Hi, Maru

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  • Carlos F C Ferreira
    Mar 16, 2008
      Hi Maru,

      Thank you for your kind words... In fact, even If I would stop here I
      would have gone further than I would imagine six months ago... But
      no, I am not stopping... In fact, I am getting more and more
      enthusiastic about web tools + plus meeting such nice people as I
      have met is wonderful, specially in times where, in Portugal,
      teaching is not easy...

      For you to have an idea, we are 150 000 teachers in Portugal and 100
      000 marched agains the Ministery's policy ( I marched for the first
      time in 24 years as a teacher, so guess how I feel about that woman
      they call Minister of Education policies...) last saturday! I had
      never seen so many teachers together in the same place...

      There you see, that is why I keep telling you all how therapeutical
      it is to take part of this webhead and all that it brought to me...



      --- In evonline2002_webheads@yahoogroups.com, "MMV®" Centro
      Multidisciplinario <mmvcentro@...> wrote:
      > Hi Carlos!
      > Nice to see you posting here, welcome to the group!
      > You are a natural Webhead as Daf pointed out; you will be
      contributing here at your own pace, which by the way is at the speed
      of light compared to mine =)
      > I suggest you to get your del.icio.us account ready and your
      reader as well, the learning does not stop with Webheads. If you
      wonder where this will lead you... ask Hala, Nina, Nelba, Evelyn,
      Erika or Jennifer. They were awarded and will go to Japan by the end
      of this month!
      > Love: Maru
      > Carlos F C Ferreira <carlosfilipe_ferreira@...> wrote:
      > I come from Baw 08 and I'm happy to join this group. I
      hope I ca
      > contribute and participate so that I can go on exchanging and
      > on how to use webtools and take them into classrooms. Baw 08 has
      been a
      > wonderful experience and I have learned a lot.I'll join you briefly
      > Sunday sessions ( just as soon as I manage to recover from Baw late
      > hours...)
      > Carlos
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