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18019[evonline2002_webheads] Re: A Webhead badge

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  • John Hibbs
    Mar 4, 2008
      At 9:39 PM -0600 3/3/08, Evelyn Izquierdo wrote:
      >The badge is on BAW08 wiki and WIA Website. We just need to adapt
      >it to the real size and type our names. Then, put it into a plastic
      >badge. I'm not a designer, but I volunteer to help. Is there any
      >expert in badge designs here?

      Thanks Evelyn, et all. --- You guys are smart enough to not just put
      a Webheads logo on your badges, you should be able to get baseball
      hats with the Webheads insignia on the front, and pin on signs you
      could attach to the the back of your shirt or your blouse. There's
      nothing quite like meeting face-to-face. Plus the stir you would make
      in New York. Do you /really/ know how unique you are?
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