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  • MMV� Centro Multidisciplinario
    Mar 1, 2008
      Dear Jose Antonio:

      I have not checked that option, maybe it is cheaper to call my parents from Skype. I will check the fares, thanks for the idea!

      Today I explored more 21classes, thanks for the tips you gave me. I found that you can change the url of your weblog.

      How to change the URL / name of my weblog
      At first, your personal URL is BaeL2.21classes.com/username by default. If you have more than one weblog, the address of your second blog will automatically be BaeL2.21classes.com/username1, the address of the third BaeL2.21classes.com/username2 and so on. If you don't like the weblog name, you can change it. Make a new URL under "Weblog -> More options -> Weblog address".
      Note: if you change your URL, links on other sites which link to your blog will become defunct.

      I have not come across on how to add items to the sidebar though, I will continue my explorations tomorrow.

      See you around early bird!
      Love: Maru

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