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16920Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Invitation to participate in class wiki

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  • Susana Canelo
    Nov 5, 2007
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      Hello Amy:
      I visited the wiki. It's fantastic !!!
      I added my pin on the map and entered Call for reading topic.
      I wanted to leave a message:

      "Good discussion.!!! I know we haven't enough time to use the computer lab. But if you prepare a blog or wiki and upload or link activities your students can go ahead without you. At home or in a cyber café.
      It's great how many resources they can use to go on learning.
      Congratulations for your experience.
      Susana Canelo
      From Del Valle in Argentina·"

      But the problem was the Google ads. It covers part of the window and I couldn't find any send buttom. Sorry.
      If you like copy and paste the comment and add it there, just do it.
      A hug

      Amy Meckelborg <amyvmeck@...> escribió:
      Hello Webheads,

      I've been lurking in your midst for a few months now, ever since taking the
      BaW2007 workshop. I am teaching a course this term and decided it was time
      to try out using a wiki in class. Thanks to Joao and others who have helped
      me, the wiki project is underway and I'd now like to invite your

      The course is a master's level introductory CALL course to pre-service and
      in-service ESL teachers. The students are working on developing a CALL
      learning resource and part of that process required them to review the
      literature in their area of interest. They have been working in small groups
      and have posted the first draft of these 'lit reviews' in a wiki.

      For the next three weeks, the wikis will be open for contributions, edits
      and comments from others. My students and I would really appreciate it if
      you would take a look at what they've done and give them some feedback or
      suggestions or just encouragement. We have opened the wikis with some
      trepidation, as this is the first time for all of us to use a wiki. But the
      students are quite excited at the possibility of getting input from
      professionals from around the globe.

      Here is the URL to the class wiki: http://www.c-all.wikispaces.com

      Thanks in advance for your participation.



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