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11491Re: [evonline2002_webheads] Re: Happy New Year, from Kuwat!!

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eca
    Jan 5, 2006
      Hi, Jane!

      Happy New Year!

      I went to our WiA Index

      and clicked on Interesting Pages. It's there under Catherding (2nd or 3rd
      entry, I think), but the link isn't working any longer.

      Then I tried Serendipitous herders (the next entry), but it's the same link,
      so... no way! :-(

      Finally, I tried entering the link in The Internet Archive. Three links show
      up, but none come up with anything! :-(

      Maybe somebody else has a working link!


      Teresa (who misses a snowy winter)

      > Dear Buth,
      > I very much enjoyed your videoclip of bringing in the New Year. When
      > I was celebrating with the extended family my cousin made a joke
      > about herding cats and I told him I'd send him a video clip he's got
      > to see. Now I can't find the link to that gem (I believe there was
      > one of herding cats and another of herding squirrels). If it's still
      > online could you send me the link? I'm sure others who haven't seen
      > it would enjoy it too!
      > Happy New Year,
      > Jane in Winter Wonderland (the snow is beautiful and just keeps
      > coming down)
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