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1139Re: [evonline2002_webheads] TESOL 2003 proposal idea

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  • Teresa Almeida d'Eça
    May 1, 2002
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      This seems like a great idea! Actually, I've been meaning to write on
      this -- Webheads in Action -- for a couple of weeks, but have not
      found the time yet. My four basic topics are very similar to yours:
      how it all started, how it developed, what we got out of it, and the
      future. So, you can count me in, if you wish, Vance.

      > So my idea is, what if I propose a colloquium of Webheads members,
      > something about how we formed and developed our community, what
      > were derived, how accomplished and so on. A colloquium is 1.75
      > long, has up to six panelists, and requires panelists to prepare
      > position papers and respond to each other's papers before the
      > and more formally during the actual presentation, where the views
      > presented and discussed with those present.

      Yes, I am planning to attend Tesol in Baltimore. But what happens if
      I'm in and something prevents me from going?

      > If you're planning to attend TESOL in Baltimore and would like to
      > to this endeavor on short notice, then get back to me right away and
      > I'll crash something out for us.

      I'll try to join you for a while tomorrow.

      > I'll try to get online at noon GMT on Thursday May 2nd, at Tapped
      In, to
      > discuss this further with anyone who appears there.

      Hope this clipping pleases 'bunny' Nigel!!! ;-)

      Hugs all, Teresa
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