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10450Worldbridges Brainstorming & Hosting Offer

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  • Jeff Lebow
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hello All,
      As we mentioned on last week's EdTechTalk show, Worldbridges.com, in its effort to encourage experimentation with 'New Media' (podcasting, vlogging, webcasting, etc.), is currently offering free New Media hosting to educators. This includes a pre-installed content management system (Wordpress, Drupal, or Moodle) and 500MB of space. Resources are limited, so we're not sure how long spaces will remain available. More info can be found at http://worldbridges.com/courses/

      We will be webcasting a live, interactive brainstorming session on Thursday night/Friday morning (Sept. 2, 1am GMT - global times) to discuss possibilities of how this kind of edtech can be used with students. All are welcome to participate by tuning in, visiting the chat room, and skyping in with questions, comments, and ideas. Webcast available at Edtechtalk.com or Worldbridges.com .

      Also, for those who haven't heard Buth & Rita's "Freedom & Future Dreams in Different Cultures" class webcast or Buth's "Influences of Cultures Meeting Online" Webcasts (part of her Knowplace Open Weekend), all of the archived audio is available on both sites and well worth a listen. Part#3 of Buth's webcast was our most international show to date.

      Thanks again to the Webhead community for all your support, participation, wonderful collaboration energy,


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