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10215Birthdays in August

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  • Barbara Dieu
    Aug 1 5:17 AM
      Checking my Birthday alarm and wow! Lots of Leos and Virgos so there will be
      some partying hearty all around the world this month! Happy birthday to all
      of you.

      I start the list and welcome a card on August 3rd (Wednesday) :-)
      Aiden Yeh would also be very happy to get one in Taiwan on August 8th
      Aaron Campbell celebrates his birthday with the family in Missouri on August
      11th (Thursday) together with Dennis Oliver in Arizona
      Maria Irene Urriola dances cheek to cheek in Venezuela on August 18th
      Lee Ann Baber drinks champagne in Canada (?) on August 19th (Friday)
      Andy Chernel in Czech Republic and Christel Schneider in Germany are the
      last ones to leave the party on August 28th. (Sunday)

      If you have not yet added your name to the webheads birthday list, please do
      so at
      Don't worry it is quick, and you don't have to enter your year of birth :-).

      Warm regards from Brazil,

      Barbara Dieu
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