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Re: [evol-psych] Polanski, 'policing' and the high-status male

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  • Mark Hubey
    ... If it were true, then the Garden-of-Eden type existence of the Aborigines and others where females were getting abducted, raped, and cooked was more like
    Message 1 of 71 , Oct 1, 2009
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      Steve Moxon wrote:
      > "The term 'rape trauma syndrome' was first used in the 1970s to
      > describe a range of psychological, cognitive, emotional and
      > behavioural responses to rape (Burgess & Holmstrom, 1974). Although
      > lacking an empirical basis, it nevertheless represented the first
      > attempt to describe and define the nature of women's responses to
      > rape. Rape trauma syndrome is now regarded as a variant of PTSD
      > (American Psychiatric Association, 1994). Symptoms of PTSD (intrusive
      > recollections, avoidance and hyper-arousal) are present in the
      > majority of rape victims for several weeks following the assault
      > (Steketee & Foa, 1977). However, these symptoms resolve rapidly, so
      > that, at three months post-assault, even in the absence of specific
      > intervention, most victims no longer meet full diagnostic criteria.
      > Rapid spontaneous resolution of generalised and phobic anxiety
      > (Kilpatrick et al, 1979)and depression (Atkeson et /al, 1982) also
      > occurs in the majority of victims."/

      If it were true, then the Garden-of-Eden type existence of the
      Aborigines and others where females were getting abducted, raped, and
      cooked was more like one gigantic rape-traume-syndrome.

      No wonder the offspring never amounted to even being able to
      invent/create simple agriculture or attempt to domesticate any animals.
      Abused women abused their children, and the abused children further
      abused women and children, and being totally ignorant they kept going.

      Is it any wonder that the ologies are so incoherent? You can't take one
      thing from one area and apply the ideas to another area. It never works.


      Regards, H.M. Hubey
      "There are two kinds of truth, deep truth and shallow truth, and the function of Science is to eliminate the deep truth." Niels Bohr
    • zdeluce
      Actually.. ever here of actually?.. he alledged victim is now 45 years old married and mother of 3.. she says let it go .. But the press won t.. I don t mind
      Message 71 of 71 , Oct 11, 2009
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        Actually.. ever here of actually?.. he alledged victim is now 45 years old married and mother of 3.. she says "let it go".. But the press won't.. I don't mind the press as i enjoy the work the do which ( unintentionally) serves us.. They are not out to serve us as the press is self serving but.. peeps love gossip.............what the hey.. this was the 60's everybody was getting it on ferchrisakes.. But I do know only too well what a prude is besiodes she got her money we.. he well meaning muther did,,

        History 101 leson.. the good god fearing christian mother tlls her loving daughter.."be on constant alert and beware of men and boys aas they're only after ne thing.. But las the good god fearing christian muther conviently omitted telling he oh so loving nymph daughter that wif out that "one thing"neither one of them would be here now to spend all that $ they got from Roman.. Did you know that girl was a nymphomaniac? Matter of record... Some mothers do have um!

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        Subject: Re: [evol-psych] Re: Polanski, 'policing' and the high-status male
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        At 08:12 AM 10/4/2009 -0400, Edgar Owen wrote:


        There certainly can be real persistent trauma from any sort of extreme unpleasant event. The problem with the typical PC feminist approach to dealing with such trauma is that it tends to wallow in the trauma and perpetuate the identity of the person as angry victim. The proper healthy approach is to just let go of the trauma as quickly as possible and go on to good things in one's life. After all the event which caused it has vanished into the past so why should the hurt remain? It simply can't unless it is self perpetuated. Most healthy women have natural mechanisms which accomplish that and go on with the good things in their lives which is why Steve's reporting below is generally valid. It is actually the feminist approach to trauma of encouraging the victim to wallow in it as a victim and exacerbating the hatred of the man who initially caused it simply perpetuates PTSD and makes it worse. The proper treatment is forgetting the unpleasant event and intensively doing happy good things instead to replace its sequelae. That is anathema to the feminists who simply can't let go of their complexes.

        The important point I'm trying to make here is that if one understands where people who do harm are coming from and considers them objectively one can better escape the trauma they may have produced. To the extent that one demonizes and actively hates such people that perpetuates the traumatized victim status of the hater.

        That is why the interminable PC feminist demonization and hatred of men perpetuates the victim status and emotional trauma of women. Only by understanding and accepting men as they are can feminists finally free themselves from their own largely self inflicted continuance of trauma and begin to live happily in a hate free positive world of emotional stability as whole beings rather than as victims. So long as feminists see men as demonic oppressors they condemn themselves to be hate filled emotionally ravaged victims.

        What you are saying is that, if women would just get over it,
        rape would  be no big deal. The only big deal for  you is that
        women just aren't accepting men as rapists.

        You betcha.


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